Are You Looking To Be Supported In The Coming Of This Brand New Year?

9 Day/2020 KickStart:

Dec 28th- Jan 5th

Have You Been Looking For Something To Begin This New Decade Off On The Right Foot?



And Aligned For Your Desired Outcomes.

9 Days To Move Into 2020-

Ready, Awakened and Activated…

You are encouraged to partake here if You are looking to:

•Be Supported

•Stay Accountable

•Gain Helpful Tools For Maintaining Alignment Throughout This New Year

Each morning, We will meet up via teleconference for 30 minutes to speak and share intentions, knowledge, and to focus on a specific energy for the day.

Here’s the beautiful part about it- as equal energetic exchange is important and people tend to value things when they give value to things-

The price for this, is up to You. It is Your choice entirely what You would like to give for this. You pick the amount.

$1, $10, $10,000 etc… it is entirely Your choice to offer- the point of this is to show You (lessons within lessons, I love it) that You really do have affordable opportunities in life for learning knowledge and bettering YourSelf- and here is a chance to take one…

All calls are recorded and available for downloading. 

***I am also offering a 30 minute session with anyOne who chooses to partake in this offering with a donation of $100 or a 60 minute session with donations of $200 or more***

That’s like purchasing a 1:1 Session and getting 9 days of personal training for Free…

Thank You.

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