Full Moon Eclipse…

There is a calling in this very moment.

At this time.

A calling in Your life.

The message.

A Call-Out.

Have You heard it?

Sounds like a wolf’s howl.

Do You hear?


Your ability is there, this is a matter of choice.

Translation is important.

Can’t deny it. Better to embrace.

The stars tell it.

The Elders speak it.

Have You paused to listen-

To the calling of Your very own Spirit?

Echoing across canyons, valleys, through the trees, from the mountains, the oceans and the breath of the Earth itself, 

Fires lit,

Souls ignited,

Hearts on fire-

Burning the path to light the way for You to walk.

This is Full Moon Eclipse Illuminations.

Powerful times, indeed.

What if I told You that Your Great Awakening is why the Eagle soars?

Why the Mountain Lion owns Her authority.

Why the Bear roars.

Why the Owl sounds His reminder in the dark of, ‘Whooo?’

And why the Salmon travels-

All for Us.

Unlock Your Wisdom,

Cultivate Your Potential.

In the tradition of the Native Teachers that I have remembered from and the Cherokee lineage within Me-

This is Your red road wanderings during these red moon times.

Eclipses and Call-Outs- reminding of the importance of ReBirths and Home.

Here (*points to Your heart), is Home. 

Safe travels, Brother.

I honour You, GrandMother.

I miss You every day but I see Your smile in the sun.

Walk in Your way.

You are here now.

Put feathers in Your hair.

The wisdoms are speaking, from the tongues of the blood of the Ancestors, (We All Come From Somewhere)-

That flows within each of Us, memories carried, You are whole and holy and always have been.

What You need, is provided for Your journey, 

What You know, makes the terrain.

To those who came before Us, Thank You-

Because You did, We are-

And To those who will come after, Thank You-

Because We do, You will.

Have courage in these times,

Have faith in Your abilities.

The Warriors are coming to the frontlines only to be reminded of Their abilities to fight nothing but instead, use what They know to make peace.

Starting with ThemSelves.

Starting with YourSelf, Warrior.

My heart speaks to Yours-

This Moon is a coup on Your fears,

Spear is thrown into the ground to set Your space and to lay Your weapons down.

I invite You, instead of making battle, by the divisive thoughts of Your mind-

Create in love, by the Union in Your hearts.




Live the Love that You are made of.

Walk barefoot and unafraid.

What You have been through is the worst of it.

Answer the calls from Your Journey,

Reach out and throw seeds to those needing a hand with fertile minds to grow, this World will get better.

Impeachment distractions and assassination threats and world war gossip are only reflections of the fears We allowed to get out of hand- to turn away from, 

Because We are the best StoryTelling Teachers to Our Greatest Lessons in walking Life.

What does heart speak?

How will You contribute to a fulfilled spirit, a meaningful life and a better world for Our legacies left behind?

Trust in Your ability to create.

To write.

To perceive.

To tell the story.

To live it.

To weave star blankets to wrap around Us when the night is cold and the Dawn is yet to be seen on the horizon.

To cultivate Our fires within, We have to turn inwards and see Our own light.



Breathe Deep And Listen,

This Call-Out Is Calling You.

This Full Moon Is Calling You.

Life Is Calling You…

…Hear Me?

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