Aquarius New Moon

This Writer would like to say ‘Thank You’ to all that has touched Her and has been touched by Her, in this life- that created ignitions, has enflamed, and helped to transform. Thank You.

Got the palo?

Got the palo.

Got the lighter?

Got the lighter.

Light the palo.

Now, breathe.

Let the tip burn,

Smell the wood,

And watch alchemy dance before Your very eyes.

Transformation is integral to life.

Draw in Your breath.

This is Your Wake-Up.

Now, Wake-up.

What holy words do You invoke presently?

With what is seen, heard, felt?


This New Moon in Aquarian energy is the hottest part of the lightning bolt just before it touches the tree, and ignites it in fire.

You see, Lightning has to touch things to catalyze things-

Cloud jumping, 

Tree lighting

Skipping rocks,

Cutting along the water.

Close Your eyes and see where Holy Lightning has touched You in the core of Your being.

In Your life.

What was catalyzed?

What burst into flames?

What greatness grew from it?

Remember, transformation is integral to life.

This is a way that We learn to trust, that all will always be ok in the steps along Our journey.

Contrast is a most beautiful of Teachers.

How’s that palo santo that You have been burning?

Patrick told Me once, 

That the secret to meditation was being able to notice the blue in the flame of a candle.

I am apt to agree with Him.

Learn Your knowledge.

Become what You are.




The lightning does not hesitate to touch-

It knows it’s own capabilities.

The lightning does not fear its outcomes-

It knows what it knows by this knowing.

It is lightning.

And will always be lightning.

And whatever may grow from it, will-

And whatever may die by it, will.

That is the choice of what each piece and thing touched by it, will choose for ItSelf.

Like each of Us.


Remember, transformation is integral to life.


It is good to see You.

Here is Your wake-up.

Now, Wake-Up.

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