Pisces New Moon

For this month’s ‘New Moon In Pisces’ write-up, this Writer would like to say ‘Thank You’ to the story ItSelf.

Each of Ours.

Whatever You and I are writing in this very moment, ‘The Story’, via thoughts, perceptions, cycles repeated and new decisions in new steps in new directions,

is creating each line on the page.

Own what You write.

It is Yours.

Please Enjoy.

‘They didn’t take Her power,

Only offered Her a story, 

And then She made the call…’

Story is powerful, She is strong.

Although, She doesn’t always remember.

Distraction can happen to the best of Us.

Especially when We are so close to a break-through out of those old conditions, wouldn’t You say?

Especially in turning-tide type of moments of potential great realizations in seeing OurSelves with clarity.

Especially when writing Our stories.

Oooou how do You read Your story?

Story has the capability to incite enormous change.

Story can inspire.

Story can destroy.

Story can write new chapters by choice.

Oh She knows it.

I know it.

You know it.

Via Her tears or Her fears, intense scenes of life changing activations and path turning transformations.

It hasn’t always been easy for Our girl Story.

Lean in- and hear the story of Story.

She’s a fragile One when She claims to be,

She’s a fierce One when She wants to be,

Always adept at a scene change,

A wardrobe malfunction,

Paparazzi and the next great scandal.

What’s the story of Your Story?

Story is a champion for the underdog and the comeback tour.

Story is re/Union,

Story is mystical.

Story is fact.

Story is imagination.

Story starts with, ‘Remember when ….’

Story throws pennies in the lake, and says, ‘Thank You’.

Story prays to the gods inside temples out in nature, where the wind blows through and smiles secrets- ancient secrets- not too secret, spoken low enough so only those who are truly willing to listen can hear.

Story dances with the Stars,

And shoots off on the kiss of the tips of comet tails across galaxies to discover new life,

Her Life,

Then lands under the ocean with Poseidon and the Sirens.

Deep dream kind of Story.

Song singing kind of Story.

Universal kind of Story.

Story feels Her magyc when She sees HerSelf.

Story only suffers when She judges.

Story makes amends and makes new friends along the lines of Her story.

Not His-story,

I repeat, not His-story,

But Her-story.

Story writes this.

Story makes this.

Your Story here, is You.

Happy New Moon, EveryOne-

I love You, Story.

Thank You.

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