New Moon In Aries…

For the New Moon in Aries Write-Up this month, the Writer would like to thank the Coronavirus for such an incredible opportunity to breathe into Our hopes, dreams and aspirations that We have been putting off for far too long-

Thank You.

Did You know that You are writing the story, in this very moment?

Losing Your mind may be helpful.

Did You know that You are remembering, in all that is happening, the truth of Your own authenticity?

What did You learn today?

How are You perceiving Your waking living classroom? 

Disregard for the pencil? Upset at the Teacher? Look around at Your life to see where You are- what grade, what level, and what learning.

It is truth that We choose the duration of Our lessons.

It is truth that We are each perceiving the knowledge of every moment, by how We choose to see OurSelves.

This is growth.

These are life and death lessons.

And with every death, there is a doorway to reBirth.

These are reminders and tools to help Us remember.

To be strong.

To stand in Our power and breathe.

One of Our greatest Teachers is the Divine.

How ever We decide to see it, worship it, pray to it, thank it, be blessed by it.

Maybe one day, in a long ago past-

God closed His eyes to fear,

So that He could see the world through Our hearts.

And maybe one day, in a long ago past,

We were forced to close Our eyes for the same reasons.

Maybe that is the truth of what is happening right now.

Be brave.

Maybe We’ve taken a little longer to get the lessons.

Maybe some of Us still death grip the familiarity of Our contentedness.

Maybe Others are choosing to move into the great beyond, 

Although it may feel a little scary,

Although it may seem a little intense, 

Although it may be nowhere that We have ever been before-

Does the young seed, after breaking through the darkness in the soil, ever look up at the Sun and complain that everything is too bright?

Welcome to Your Soul’s revolution of Our world evolution.

An outward burst into the cosmos, 

And the impactful impact as the asteroid hits.

Waves covering earth, eventually receding, tensions high as plates shift, mountains are made and humankind remembers how to make fire.

Humankind remembers how to be courageous.

Humankind remembers it’s a seed born from love.

Humankind remembering its kindness.

It’s compassion.

It’s healing.

It’s Journey.

It’s enduring.

It’s tenacity.

It’s emergence.

It’s magyc.

It’s Power.

Happy New Moon in Aries, EveryOne, take strong steps, fired steps, and trust in the unfolding of Our spirits’ and this World’s perfection.

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