Libra Full Moon Got Us Looking At OurSelves

Full Moon In Libra~
This Writer would like to thank the Author Mr. William H Gass for writing the beautiful book about human isolation entitled, ‘In The Heart Of The Heart Of The Country’ and speaking great alchemical wisdom when He was once quoted as saying, ‘The true alchemists do not change lead into gold, they change the world into words’. Be Inspired By Life. Thank You.
I see Your beliefs.
I see My Soul.
I see Your Soul.
I see My beliefs.
The Brightest Full Moon of the year, radiates the harbinger’s messages of change, expansion, and transcendence.
Union is at hand, 
Shiftings along the Journey are necessary for alignment.
It is a matter of remembering You are worthy.
Turn at this time and face what scares You,
Every incarnation of Your Spirit has been waiting for this moment.
Looks ‘different’ this time around.
Because it is.
These times.
Stand and face what scares You.
Say ‘Hello’ and face what scares You.
Extend Your hand and face what scares You.
Open Your heart and face what scares You.
Remember love and face what scares You.
See YourSelf and face what scared You.
Open Your eyes and see that You’re sacred.
The Union of relating, 
Is pole shifting transformation.
Prepare for the South to become the North and for the North to become the South.
Now that more solidarity is amongst Us in the World,
More connection,
More feeling,
More compassion,
More self-awareness,
More ….
*clears throat…
More Love…
We can now allow Our hearts to shine in humanKIND alignment, and finally remember what We are here for.
Our purpose, is to create.
Our purpose, is to love.
Our purpose, is to remember.
Happy Full Moon In Libra,
Happy Full Moon In Libra,
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