New Moon In Taurus

New Moon In Taurus Write-Up~

For the New Moon In Taurus, this week, the Writer would like to thank the courageous Souls at this time, who are turning the lights on. Keeping the lights on. Tending to it. Honouring it. And celebrating life. We have a lot to be grateful for.

The choice is Yours.

Starts in the dark-

This could get scary.

Sometimes it’s cold.

Sometimes it’s warm.

Both of these feelings show Us which direction to grow in.

When We sit in spaces, where the lights are out,

Allows Us the opportunity to focus Our super powers and helps Us to hone Our other senses.

Trust in Your intuition.

It is here to help You.

What have You been sensing lately?

Thing about sitting in the Dark is, eventually the lights come on.

Or We open Our eyes and We realize it has been Our own choice to sit here.

Tap roots need an absence of light to grow for a time. The seed has to open and push appendages through soil.

Thank You for the sunlight.

Thank You for the heartlight.

This light.

Your light.

When and where We gain Our own bravery is when and where We begin to change things.

This is how shift happens.

How’s Your shift, happening?


Have faith in Your faith, Dear Reader.

I give You the best of Me.

Now You give You the best of You.

And as We each give the best of Us,

The best is what becomes reflected.

These contrasts are where We learn.

Apply what You have remembered  from all the previous lessons.

And see how You have grown.

Allow Your soul to be touched by the beautiful acts of kindness that are permeating the world in this time of such a great awakening.

Don’t see it?

Then go and commit Your own kind acts.

And then watch to see what follows and reflects.




Is happening.

Allow or resist-

The choice is Your own.

I believe in You.

Happy New Moon To Each Of Us…

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