Full Moon In Aries

‘Hush, Hush, Hush’, whispers the fear named Shame…

When We are quiet with the secrets, We are embraced by the Wolves.

‘Sleep, Sleep, Sleep’, urges the fear named


When We choose to sit in the dark longer than Our lessons, We eventually believe the truth of the fears that sit and hiss from there.

‘Stay, Stay, Stay’, says the fear named Failure…

When We become complacent and compliant to free thought, when We allow Our lives to be dictated based on what avoids pain rather than what seeks happiness, We find OurSelves creating tension and stress from Our own personal perceptions in Our own lack of personal faith and trust.

And when all hope is thought to be lost…

Final moment.

59th second of the 11th hour.

Guillotine razor blade, coming down with a vengeance….


In a flash-

Out comes the Full Moon In Aries.

And in one breath-

One conscious


Intentioned breath…

The whole scene changes in a moment.

With the intensely charged Ram in its moonglow-

And fiery potential on each moonbeam…

Power restored…

You are remembering, Wise Ones.





Face old memories with new found realizations.

If the thought does not leave You feeling good, 

Then trust that there is deeper to go and more to be seen.

And in the pops, the bangs, the breakdowns and breakthroughs-

There is this alchemy occurring, 

Within each of You.

This moment,

Leads to the next,

Leading to the next-

Infinite potentiality,

Waiting to be In-formed by You.





You matter.

You are matter-ializing.

Materializing in this matter-created life.

Each Moment.

And so the Shame became Expression.




And the Doubt remembered that it was Faith sleeping, and once it decided to awaken, the truth awoke with it.

And Failure began to know what it knew~

And from here in this knowing, it renamed ItSelf Freedom- and decided to pursue life helping Others to remember Their true names…

Like I said.

This One.

And this One.

And this One.

Thank You, I Love You.


Dear Beautiful You,

Did You know that now is the time of Libra which is for Lovers, Union, and Faith in the powers of the heart?

Do You have Faith in the power of Your heart, Dear Beautiful You?

Did You remember that the New Moon is for setting off on new roads, new journeys, and new beginnings? That this is the time for pivots, switchbacks and cutting new trails for YourSelf? That these are the days for gentle words that begin with the so-soft sounds of the ‘h’,  like Honour, like Humble, like Happy, like Harmony…

Did You hear that word? 

Do You hold it’s meaning?


Harmony- to fit together. To join. To have concord.

Concord, which means ‘hearts together’. 

Harmony is a conjoining of hearts in Union.

How beautiful is that, Dear Beautiful You?

Do You know the secrets of love?

The beautiful thing about treasure hidden is that more often than not, We hide it in plain sight.

Waiting to be seen…


How long to wait to see what is the gift for all?


We choose when We decide to see deeper, clearer, more gentle.

How amazing and magycal the power of love-

How mystical of an experience it can be when the division unites and remembers it’s all One.

Do You realize that You are sacred, whole and holy? Always have been and always will be.

Do You know that love received and love given is what each One here deserves?

Do You walk with honourable steps?

Do You take action in the reverence of the love that You are?

Do You embrace Your fears knowing that this is the way to understand and overcome them?

Do You choose to see Your life with the intention of using the same wisdoms that You are so free to share and advise for Others?

This is Your life, Dear Beautiful You.

This is Your time to remember.

You made it this far- through varying degrees of lessons and level-ups.

You survived what You have for a purpose.

You have made it here for good reason.

Use it wisely.

Be it, lovingly.

Remember, Your heart allows You to feel- 

To expand-

To perceive-

To create….

Via the Divine channels of Love.

Happy New Moon,

I Love You,

~ The UniVerse

Your Dreams Are Your Messengers…

Pisces Full Moon Tidings…

You are dreaming this life. 

Infinite in Your discovery.

Magycal in Your Mystery,

This Journey is Yours.

Dreaming Dreamer- 

Did You know?

Your Deep Sleep is the precursor for Your Great Awakening-

How far will You go to hold resistance for the possible? Believe.

Doesn’t it get tiring? Have faith.

When will You choose to accept that this Whole life is unfolding in Your favour

And that all the world is waiting to appreciate Your ReCalibrations and ReBirths? Welcome Home. 

How long will You stand in the silent spaces 

To reveal the dark places

That show You Your different faces?

It’s time. 

And what will You do with them?

Burn them?

Scar them?

Turn and run?

Add more on top?

Sweep it under?

Blame the Others?


Hide them away where the familiarity of shadows and dark corners brings forth even bigger stories about the monsters that sit within each of Us?

What if those monsters are really kittens and the scary whispers that You have convinced YourSelf of, turn out to only be a soft mew that forgot what it sounded like?

Dreaming Dreamer, Wake Up.

There is nothing to fight.

Love won millenia ago.

You have nothing to lose, other than Your old conditions-

You have everything to remember and all that is rightly Yours- here is Your heart.

See it?

You are making this.

Calling it from You.

Bringing it to You.

Naming it.

Knowing it.

Ahhhhh- the remembering.

Dreaming Dreamer- Wake Up.

You are the Light.

You made it. It’s inside.

The messages are everywhere.

The reflections are everywhere.

And You, are the Source…

Keep watching.


Now is the time.

Be still, and know.

Building Chamanic Foundations~ 9 Week Tele-Course

Seekers, Therapists, Healers, Energy and BodyWorkers- this one is for You.

The word ‘Shaman/Chamán’ has become an all too familiar word these days, for the public, thanks to Hollywood.
What is a Chamán truly and what does a Chamán do?
A Chamán is a person who sees and or senses beyond what is in front of them. A Chamán is a person who creates a bridge between the worlds of form and knowledge.
What one person may call ‘reality’, a Chamán will call; ‘the outcome and creation of the quality of information one person chooses to live and create Their life by’.
Chamáns are the Medicine People of Native Tribes across the world. These are the Curanderas, the MiracleWorkers, and those who some call ‘Mystics’.
What is oftentimes named as ‘New Age’ actually comes from Ancient Wisdom.
How beautiful that is.

Do You tell YourSelf that there ‘has got to be more to life than ____’?
Do You have a call to go deeper within?
Would You like to enhance Your intuitive capabilities?

Whether training solely for Your personal journey or to begin building for Your own spiritual practice in working with Others, this 9 Week Tele-Course will share the information necessary to assist You in cultivating Your own understanding of what chamanism is and to develop a working knowledge of its applied wisdoms.
As We grow in Our own realizations, so We grow in Our practice and it’s reflections in Our lives.
During this time, the Seeker will be offered sacred knowledge from several spiritual paths that all carry complimentary understandings.
Each week, there will be excercises and tools given that correlate with each level and layer of understanding medicine path traditions, life, vibration, and the power found within this knowing. Practical application will be encouraged and tested to help refine the Seeker into greater realizations.


☞ Included In This Course:

• 9 Conference Call Classes, to help set a working foundation for sacred knowledge from a variety of medicine paths including the Diné, Shiya, Pa’qo and Hermeticism

• 4 Personal 1:1 Calls to help the Seeker with clarity and practice from what is taught

• Breathwork excercises for alignment to Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Bodies

• Helpful tools for developing the Seeker’s 2nd Awareness (the ability to sense and see energy)

• Applied Practical Understanding and the Importance of Ritual

• 24/7 OnLine Support

All Are Welcome To Partake, Who Hear The Call And Resonate With This.

☞ Cost:

All Calls Will Be Recorded, For Access At Any Time

Thank You.

New Moon In Virgo

All form is created by intention.

All bodies follow the mind.

All Journeys require an offering.

All experience happens by perspective.

Our story of life is Our choice, and We are always the Witness, the Writer and the Reader.

This is the time:

For the essence to in-form the potential.

For the vision to become the manifestation.

For the Dreamer to realize that They are also the Creator- this happens by facing the resistance that branches from Our fears.

The only fear to count,

To look at,

To pay ‘Attention/At tension’ to, 

In order to bring about the miraculous is the first fear…

the Fear of Our very own power.

The power-ful Self,

Is the power-filled Self.

The faithful is the faith-filled.

This is what motivates Our creation abilities and what fuels the potential to take form.

You are always aligning to the thoughts that You think about-

The secret is to focus the heart.

Perhaps this New Moon will remind You:

To go deeper,

To empower YourSelf,

To remember who You are,

And to take steps that allow the reciprocal universal flow to permeate all aspects of Our worlds.

Step out into this MoonTime and take accountability for what it is You are thinking, believing, speaking of and ultimately creating.

How powerful You are-

It is time for the great remembering, the activation, and the reflection of Source realized…

Be well.

Be blessed.

Be the blessing.

Happy New Moon, EveryOne

Sun In Virgo

   You really can have what You want.

You really can manifest, at will.

   You really are this powerful.

   Now, is the time to remember.

   If You have been feeling a change in the energy around You over the last few days, then consider Yourself attuned to the energies of the Universe. And if You haven’t noticed, now is the most perfect time to begin paying attention. Where attention goes, energy flows.

   You really can manifest, at will.

   The Sun just moved out of the fiery sign of Leo and into the earthy sign of Virgo.

What this means is that this time right now, has just gone from: 




…And is now shifting into the next-step process of active creation (which is what We are all doing in every moment via Our thoughts, words and belief systems).

This next-step involves the formation of Our mental intentions into this reality.

Our dreams taking form.

Creating Your reality, as You so desire to choose, is a beautiful responsibility gifted to Us for Our experiences along this journey We each call life.

In other words- wherever You have been and whatever You have been doing in Your world over the past 3 months, all of that energy from Your focus is now in-forming the potential that is all around You.

The Sun moving into the sign of Virgo, carries with it, the qualities of:




   This is THE MOST opportune time to get serious about the importance of Your Well-Being, to understand Your Power to Create and to build an active practice to ‘Go Deeper Within’ which creates deeper experience for YourSelf. Deeper= Meaningful.

   This is the perfect time to get training in cultivating beneficial habits, to seek out Your next Teacher along this chapter of Your Journey, and receive the guidance necessary to access Your own Self-Realization as a tool for Your abilities to transform, manifest and empower.

   You are and have always been in a state of perpetual creation. Do You hear?

Right now, You are aligning to Your thoughts, as You have always done. Did You know?

Now, is the time, to tap into creating consciously. By doing this, You can create by what You desire, aligned in heart.

Because of the fear thoughts that most of Us carry, there is a need to gain resources to understand how it all works- 

Guatemala ReBirth Journey

October 21-29 2019 

This October, You are invited to join Us in the jungles of Guatemala, for a truly transformative experience of Self-realization, awakening, and expansion across all aspects of Your life

✧ Explore, Align And Activate At The Sacred Temples Of Tikal

✧ 3-Day Energy Intensive Class At Ancient Mayan Ruins

✧ ReBirth Ritual At Lake Petén Itzá 

Remember Your power, invoke Your purpose, and gain new motivation for attaining Your life’s dreams and aspirations via gentle guidance and a Journey within the journey.

Immerse YourSelf into the mystical setting amongst ancient Mayan Ruins where Tia will initiate You into a 3 day teaching intensive of Chamanic Tracking and Extraction (how to find and clear out old conditional patterns that hold Us back currently), enriching and empowering Both Your own personal work as well as the healing work with Your Client base 

Find YourSelf in realized freedom moving through life with the courage that You have always desired, cultivated via ritual, experience, and connecting with Others on this adventure

$1900 Total  All Inclusive/ 2 Meals Per Day/ All Accommodations, Taxes, Tips and Admissions

$500 Deposit

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for more information

‘I Mean Really, How Is Your Heart’

Hello There.

Welcome to Your monthly Full Moon write-up, Dear Reader.

This writing is dedicated to everyOne who ever chose to be courageous and look at ThemSelves. For Your actions chosen, this Author sincerely thanks You.

How have things been since 2 weeks ago with the New Moon in the sign of the Crab?

We are in the Full Moon of Capricorn right now, replete with a Lunar Eclipse happening as well.

How have You been?

*stops typing and leans in…closer

And in this moment, how are You?

*deep breath into this…

I mean, really, how is Your heart?

This Capricorn Full Moon with this magyc Eclipse speaks of going inwards, and looking at the things that We have deemed ‘too dark’ , ‘too scary’, ‘too much’, and ‘too emotional’- 

You know- Our ugly. 

Our scared (which is only a semi-jumble for sacred). 

Our reactive.

Lighting each of them up and transforming the energies into things that We can grow from. 

Much like the compost of Our garden.

Much like the smell of the swamp as everything is in one state of living, dying and feeding or another.

Much like life.

This is not the time to worry about ‘pretty’ and ‘aesthetics’, this is the time to look at the ugly, this is the time to go deep, burn it out, cauterize. From this looking, We get to grow from it. 

The beautiful reward for vulnerable.

There is nothing to release, as all is You.

There is nothing to let go of, as all is You.

There is only that which to look at, break down, and grow from.

Life, the Divine, the energy that animates each of Us, is You.

Look at Your ugly.

That being said-

Here is Mine:

In this life, I have been a Liar.

I have lied to gain approval, I have lied to get food, I have lied to have a place to sleep at night, I have lied to be validated by My own actions.

I have said ‘I Love You’ when I was only just beginning to understand what love was.

What about You?

In this life, I have been Ashamed.

I have been ashamed of some of My choices,

I have been ashamed of some of My outcomes.

In this life, I have cavorted with daemons to remember what the Angels felt like.

I stayed in relationships past Their due dates and even entered into a few, eyes open, under the guise that this is My curriculum and I had more to ‘learn’ from the person and/or situation- knowing that this was not the truth but only a story I fed My ego from My ego, by My ego.

What about You?

In this life, I have been Afraid.

Afraid to speak up.

Afraid to stand up.

Afraid to do a thing.

‘Afraid’ came from My own acceptance and conditioning- in My belief that I was not ‘good enough’.

Afraid grew from ideals that I could not, would not and should not.

Afraid hatched from ‘what will They think of You?’.

What about You?

As tension builds, it must have a release. 

This is truth whether We are conceptualizing, idealizing, and/or taking action.

There comes a point along the road called ‘Your Life’ that a pop must occur. 

The space and moment where that pressure gains, grows, builds, and finally expands.


What about You?

There is no time like the present. 

This ‘Now’ right here, is all that truly exists in this reality. The rest is either past happening or potential future.

What do You choose in this moment?

To keep it real and breathe into Your ‘authentic’?

To continue running from Your personal calling and attempt to hide from the opportunities of Your dreams?

Or to live by the magyc that is Your very own unique Divine gift in this world?

Choice is Yours.

So Very Powerful.

Remember, from Vulnerability comes great reward.

From Hopeful, blessings are bestowed.

From Faithful, Grace happens.

You are sacred and always have been.

Nothing that You have ever done or has been done to You can take that away.

No One took Your power away, and You certainly didn’t give it to anyOne.

Only the story.

Powerful This.

Powerful Life.

Now, what about You?

This Is Not Your Spiritual Awakening… This Is Your UpRising

Your stories are solidified by the fires in Your heart.

This is not Your spiritual Wake-Up- 

You entered that at Your birth.

This is the Rising.

Feel it?

This is the vibration into form.

The tone in its creating.

Yes, it’s real.

And Yes, You are doing it.

I believe in You.

And always have.

I know, that this has been intense for You. 

‘When has it not?’, You may ask.

Ooooh, I know that times can get real challenging, I know that Others don’t always see Us, don’t always hear Us.

My question is, ‘Do You see You and hear You?’.

You have been fighting Your own catalysts, Beautiful You.

Rather than battle them, embrace them.

This is where You hear Your own heart.

This is the time for the unlocking and untethering,

The decisions to be made, 

This is the call of freeing YourSelf from old conditional patterns.

New stops,

New steps,

New You,

Rejuvenates And ReBirths.

Lightning feet with thunder at each footfall because You are made for bringing the winds of change,

The storms to cleanse,

And the most beautiful rainbows afterwards.

Each colour.

ShimmerHeart, I see You.

As said, I believe in You.

So shine on, in this New Moon in the Crab.

Radiate through the UniVerse,

Brighten up and permeate this Eclipse.

Let the clean outs, the move outs, the move-ins and the shiftings on happenings to happen.

Let Your Inner Witch light a candle,

Let Your MoonBaby be held gently by the stars that reflect You, 

Let the SunShine SoulGoddess that You are, be worshipped.

Start with You.

Let Your remembrance that all is in perfection and that all is occurring in Your favour to be the truth in each moment. 

Trust in the knowing that All is One, 

And that the situation at hand is moving in the direction of freedom realized.

Be real, Child of the UniVerse.

Make it happen, Creator.

Be You, PeaceBringer.

I believe in You.

Now, believe in YourSelf…

To let the Magyc out.

Ahhh, now that is a rainbow, if I have ever seen one.

Happy New Moon, Tribe.

Thank You.

A New Perspective On Father…

This month’s Full Moon writing is dedicated to My 3 Fathers: the Hill, Vincenté, and the Divine as well as the power of the Sagittarius…

Dear Hill,

Why haven’t You been here?

Why couldn’t You have been strong enough to say, ‘I love You’?

Do You not know that a young girl’s ears waited and are still waiting to hear them?

I am patient and God is good.

Did You just not want to?

Did You just not?

Did You?

Too many judgements bring frequently noted lessons.

Too many lessons bring great opportunities to expand.

Thank You to the ‘too many’.

Thank You.

I’m awake now.

Deep breath inserted here, because wise Teachers in life, have taught Me to see the good in all the occurrence.

So perhaps You did.

Oh yes, there it is, You did.

Sagittarius Full Moon is the Archer drawing the arrow- perhaps if You had been around You would have taken some of the load-

And then My back would not be as strong and My aim would be a bit off.


My back is strong and My aim is spot on.

Perhaps if You had been more kind, I would have stayed too close to home and not left to explore the world.

To discover. 


Perhaps if You had always been here, 

I would not have fallen as many times as I have- 

And been the witness of the measurement of  My very own mettle and forced into My own faithfilled self reliance.

These are the powers of the Full Moon in Sadge- the time of realization, of faith, of the great push-throughs that lead to even greater rewards.

For this, Hill, I thank You.

Dear Vincenté,

How’s Naples?

Have You ever stood in the Italian countryside, looking up at the stars and wondering if Your American Daughter is looking at the same one?

I used to do this, when I was told I came from You.

I used to imagine that You were a King, 

And one day, You would show back up from across the ocean bearing gifts and apologies for the way that You treated My Mother.

More of those Sagittarian lessons-

Making sure that the words We speak are true and honourable.

Making sure that the feelings We feel are inspired by Our hearts or elsewhere.

Making sure- as in, being confident in the questioning of the matter. The matter.


Mater- which the word ‘Mother’ comes from.

Vincenté- I had no identity, no idea who I was growing up, You could have told Me or even left a note.

Then the Hill, gave Me one- it was called ‘not enough’…

I must say, Gentlemen, You each have helped Me realize who I am in this lifetime, and for this, I thank You Both.

Dear Divine,

Thank You for being here.

For publishing such a great book.

I know that You are the Father to these two previous aforementioned Kings, as well as MySelf.

Christians may take that literal. 

I mean it however You decide to take it.

I am ok with how anyOne wishes to translate.

Sagittarius and it’s communication.

Sagittarius and it’s ‘deeper’.

Sagittarius and it’s Love.

For Me, 

You are the spirit that animates each of Us.

You are the action that conquers the fear.

The spark of light seen in the darkest of moments 

And the hope that shines through when all seems lost.

You are the Father that I have called out to, when I needed help.

If it had not been for the Hill or Vincenté, perhaps I would not have known You.

For these things and for this day-

I honour all three.

My very own Triumvirate,

My very own Trinity.

The Father, the Sun (can’t script this, You are a Leo), and the Holy Spirit (RIP Vincenté).

Thank You for the ways that You have chosen,

Thank You for the ways that I have grown from what You have all decided,

I know that You have each done the best that You can-

And I thank You for being here.

I love You.

There, that’s how You say it…

Happy Full Moon In Sagittarius-

Bless All Of Our Fathers…