“Alignments, Intuition, and The Art of Reflection” ~ Interview with Kole Whitty on Warrior Women With A Purpose Podcast

Thank You ‘Warrior Women With A Purpose’, 
Thank You, Kole, for all that You do,
And Thank You, Tia, for teaching as many as You can in how to help ThemSelves…


1rst Annual TEC Tribe Gathering Summer SoulStice Weekend

Sometimes in Life…
Connections are remembered and the Stars align.
And in those times, You find YourSelf standing with Kindred,
Sharing amazing views with even more amazing company by fires We didn’t know could be made…

Sometimes in Life…
We allow OurSelves to venture outside of the norm-
When this happens,
We take a breath, share a laugh, and get to witness the Magyc that has been here all along…

Sometimes in Life…
Opportunity, creation and expansion all come together-
And that remembering, along with that magyc, make for quite a beautiful convergence…

June 20-23rd 2019
Deep In The Heart Of The Sacred San Juan
Mountains of Colorado

1rst Annual TEC Tribe Gathering
Summer SoulStice Weekend

• Camping
• Meals
• Hike Up To The World Famous Blue Lakes
• Journey Within The Journey
• Connection
• Celebration
• And Learn The Reason Why I Say, ‘You Can’t Script This’

See You There

$325 Total

Please Contact Izadora To Reserve Your Space 720-883-3701
love@beloveseelove.com paypal.me/BeLoveSeeLove

‘The Secret To Tapping Into This New Moon Magyc’

The New Moon WriteUp This Month Is Dedicated To-

Comandanta Ramona, Leymah Gbowee, and Ms Mary Magdalene (yes, THAT Mary Magdalene), the magycal revolutionaries who spoke up, acted up, and didn’t sit back down even when They were commanded to do so.

Dear Reader…

May I, in this ‘now’, remind You of a thing.

An important thing to know on this Gemini New Moon.

Seeing as the sign of the Twins is all about communication, expression, intelligence and the knowledge that We carry- this New Moon is bringing up aspects of all of the previous aforementioned.

Now- the important thing.

I know that this is an important thing- because it is happening to You.

Reader- do You know?

These are HUGE times of evolution…

In Your life, in My own. 

For all of Us.


Breathe deep into this and remember that all experiences here are opportunities for Your very own refinement.

Why else do You think that the situations and catalysts are coming at You so intensely?

Seemingly left field…

Overwhelming, even.

Why else would the towers crumble around You like this in these times?

Why else would the things that are happening to You be happening to You currently?

I know, it can indeed feel quite scary, and also, what better place to learn Your courage and power- work with it, make it malleable by Your choosing- than by practical real-life application?



Gemini represents the ability to carry fire and share that fire with Others. The information that We gather from experience in life, and the gift of communicating that to Our Kindred.

New Moons bring the energy of growth, creation, and expansions. New beginnings and refinements of previous lessons and learnings.

For any One of Us to grow and evolve, 

We must go through a certain shift.

The shifting.

This is where We are right now. 

The shift.

Shifting is a good thing.

Shifting means that You are outgrowing old conditions.

Shifting means that change is happening and there is more to come.

Shifting is a harbinger and necessity for new growth on the horizons.

Honour this.

Within each of You.

All that is occurring currently, is the confirmation that You are growing and that the shift is upon You.

Ahhh, bless the perfection of Our very own growth.

It has, indeed, all been perfect.

For everyOne who ever ‘broke free’-

For everyOne who ever decided to stand up and share the fire regardless of the fears what could be, 

For everyOne who did what They felt in Their heart was ‘right and righteous’ even as the majority threatened and the ego judged-

Thank You.

You are a FireKeeper.

Now, use the power wisely and stay focused on Your ‘wants’- Spring is upon Us and the New Moon is blessing each and every one of Our steps-




Happy New Moon EveryOne.

Happy Powerful Growth Time.

Happy Conscious Creating.

You Truly Are, This Powerful.

‘To Honour This Time of Growth and Growing’…

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…Happy SpringTime, Self Empowerment, And Conscious Creating, Tribe’


‘The Secret To Working This Scorpio Full Moon Power’

I make fire with two sticks born from lightning and water…

That’s change and alchemy.

That’s destruction and creation.

Big medicine- now that’s a privilege to walk with.

We don’t need smoke signals to tell We are coming- just watch the horizon until the eagles appear.


Ain’t got time for ‘em.

It’s Me that is the Author of My very own story-

Each word handwritten, each letter finessed.

Each line, each story, each chapter-

Known deep.

Lived deep.

Felt deep.

Truth deep.

How could it not? 

I’m a Scorpio and I write this.

‘Scorpio, did You say?’, ask the people who aren’t.

Typically followed with a raised eyebrow revealing an action of remembrance on the Inquirer’s part- here is where the line differs-

If the experience with the Scorpio in memory was a good one, They get an undeniable half smile crossing Their face, 

If the memory still brings pain- well, the mouth on the face will reveal that too.

We are the sign of revelation-

And right now, at this full moon in Scorpio- everyOne has a bit of the Scorpio influence affecting Their lives.

So get ready for Your own revelations revealed.

I’m only the Messenger, do with this what You will.

Ps- I told You so.

Remember as Scorpios, We make fire with two sticks born from lightning and water…

And right now, everyOne is a Scorpio.

Here’s a reminder:

Life, Death, and ReBirth is Our modus operandi,

Overcoming fears,

Growing from what has been buried so deep,

Honouring what has passed and inviting the alchemy for the future is Our super power.

Your super power.

Because You are this SuperPowerful.

So the next time someOne attempts to deny You of Your own capabilities-

The next time the fraud that is fear tries to sell You a story about ‘cant and shouldn’t’-

The next time the wound shows Itself, breathe deep and know that it’s appearance is a harbinger for change in Your life- and it is on You whether to let it sit and fester or clean out what’s unclean so the scar tissue heals it up and over.

Remember, Scorpios and All who bear witness to its Full Moon Magyc, currently-

We make fire with two sticks born from lightning and water….

I Honour You.

Happy Full Moon To Us All…


‘New Moon In Taurus’

-New Moon In Taurus- 

The Act of Seeing and Being

She’s come just to the edge now…

Stay or leap

Sink or swim

Continue on in the bevels of familar and complacent

Or remember what She knows and allow Her world to change.

It’s been a Journey,

Coming to this edge.

Many steps and many lessons.

Many times made fun of- 

Many times where She was left alone.

She breathes deep and feels the wind stir with Her emotions.

She has been hurt, She has been angry

She has laughed, She has danced, She has cried and She has loved.

My, My, My- the Knowledge that She has gained from those adventures.

The stories that She has lived.

The gainings that She has acquired,

Rewards of Her courageous sojourns.

The best amongst Her bounty includes:

     ~ You are creating in this very moment

     ~ Where there is life, there is hope

     ~ To change anything, You must be willing to look at YourSelf

Now is the time, She knows…

Palms are sweaty 

Feet are heavy blocks of cement

The overwhelming feeling at Her chest

Breathing upon affirmations as She talks HerSelf into and out of

 ‘making the jump’ from one breath into the next scene.

What is She so scared of?

When did this fear grow into the monster that it is?

The beast of shame that She hides from,

Actually holds the keys to Her freedom.

And then the wind blows.

And so She remembers,

And so She inhales deeply,

And so She decides in the next moment-

To take Her action 

And power into Her courageous.

The fear of choosing happy, of great happenings happening, and most of all- the fear of Her very own creative power used to build and manifest all that She desires has now been looked at, has now been tended to, has now made change-

And so it is.

And so She is.

And so it is, again.

And All Is Well, 

With Another Treasure At Her Feet.

Count Your Blessings Dear One,

And Watch How They Grow And Accumulate.

Now Off We Go To Celebrate.

Happy New Moon In Taurus, Dear Reader…

May You Always Remember Home.

Thank You, Life…

Thank You, Life…
For giving Me the organic, living classrooms called ‘experience’, in order for Me to learn, to remember and to grow. Expansion is a natural by-product of growth. I am grateful for growing in this moment.
Thank You, Breath…
For offering Me the action to breathe into the process, the ritual, and the realizations to bring about different outcomes. Breath is how We inspire (breathe in) and aspire (breathe out) to create. Every thought, can be breathed into, in order to gain new angles (Angels) of perception.
Thank You, Heart…
For being the gift that You are. Thank You for always being open to help guide My steps and My actions- this includes My thoughts, which also both My feelings and emotions branch from. Thank You for staying receptive to sharing Your wisdom and for always being there, even in the past, when I have turned My back temporarily to You…

Soon come, Spring will be upon Us.
Soon come, the Yucatán Retreat@ La Mariposa Alchemica Retreat.
Soon come, the new unfolding moments of remembrance.
Soon come, the Thursday Evening Call (tonight).
Soon come, another time to change a thing, to shift, to be.
Soon come, the LightningWalk Group Apprenticeship begins.
Soon come, steadying harmony.
Soon come, chances, options and infinite potentials.
Soon come, another moment to remember what is ‘worth it’ here.
Soon come, I remember that We are all creating this.
Soon come, sowing fire.
Soon come, the beautiful reflections of the knowing of love…

Ahhh- nevermind the ‘soon come’. 
It is here, now.
This moment.
What will You make as the bold honouring of Your creative power today?

Thank You


Dear Reader,

For this month’s New-Moon Time In Pisces, I have three words for You.

I could ask if You are ready, but You already know that You are. You and I both are in the knowing that if the ‘something’ has crossed Our path, then We are ready to take action in that ‘something’.

Let Us proceed.

Here are Your three words:

Create, Beautiful Dreamer.

Create, the word, comes from the phrase ‘to form out of nothing’…

Beautiful, the word, originates from ‘charming’ and charming comes from ‘to sing songs or make incantations’…

Dreamer, the word, draws deeply from ‘A Sleeping Visionary’…

‘The Sleeping Visionary Sings Desires Into Form From Seemingly Out Of Nothing’

Form, formed and forming.

Whole, Holy, and Sacred.

How mystifyingly powerful You are- on this day, in this hour, in this very moment…

What do You choose?

To witness?

To deny?

Dreamer, You have always been.

Dreamer, this will always be…

Dreamer, You are forming each ‘moment of now’ from the thoughts that You nourish YourSelf with in Your previous step…

Dreamer, You are made for this.

Dreamer, Your dreams are magyc.

Dreamer, You are calling this in. Each desired outcome, each point of Your focus.

Dreamer, what do You want?

Dreamer, what do You see?

Dreamer, do You know that Your intentions and visions lead to miracles and creations?

Dreamer, once You know, then it is known.

Dreamer, You are making this up.

Dreamer, yes this is real.

Dreamer, the two have never been separate.

Dreamer, Union Knows Peace.

Dreamer, It Is Time.

Dreamer, Wake Up.

Dreamer, I Thank You…

Happy Virgo Full Moon

Reader BeWare.

Things May Get Stirred Here.

This Rabbit-Hole Goes Deep.

Please Do Not Read Any Further Unless You Are Willing To Answer Honestly.

May The Shadow Come To Light.

Did the above words scare You away or did they entice You closer?


When was the last time that You found YourSelf afraid in the Dark?

When was the last time that You allowed YourSelf to be courageous in a fear moment?

Hunger Moon, reminds Us to be grateful for the abundance, even if only conceived in Our minds, at least in the beginning steps of creation. 


Help YourSelf and Each Other.


Be strong in Your step. 

Where You stand.


One act of courage, can change the entire reality of any situation.

Storm Moon Super Full Moon is happening, right now.

What are You choosing?

Cultivate Your discipline now.

Clean out the disservice.


Do You know about the word ‘virgin’?

It’s a title.

For a free woman.

A Free Woman…

A Free Woman.

Listen close-

It’s not about getting free,

It’s about realizing that You are already.



The Virgin.

The Free Woman.

Did You hear it?

When did You own it?

Your truth.

When did You attempt to resist it?

Your knowing.

When did You try to stifle, second guess, and persuade otherwise? When did You start doubting, shaming and guilting the potentials of Your very own life?

Eschew opportunity.

Kicked at doors that weren’t even open yet.

Wrong address.

No invite.

Write Your story.

Do You still recall the date?

Where it all began?

And grew from there- which is here.

Allow YourSelf the cleansing, purification and purge that is deserved by Your actions and steps chosen this far…

Give Your ‘thank You’ to everything and all of it…

Grace is the gift of Your Creator, honour it…

Happy Full Moon.

Better go now, before the rain picks back up…

‘Wake Up’

This writing is dedicated to All who are and have decided to follow the white rabbit…

You are not alone.

You are realizing All One.

And so the story goes,


“There is a difference between knowing the Path and walking the Path. You have to let it all go, Neo. Fear, doubt and disbelief. Free Your mind.”

~ The Times in this life that You have found YourSelf in amazing wonder, have always been ‘bridger moments’ where the potential for making the connection and coming full circle with Your knowing, far outweighs the fear of it. 

This week’s intense lunation of the Super Blood Wolf Moon along with its Lunar Eclipse is opening doorways into spaces of most immense realization.

Allow YourSelf to explore thoughts, concepts and overstandings that at one time You made excuses not to.

This is how We grow.

This is the time of inner-courage.

Of innate strength.

Of Our very own faith and refinements.

Choice is powerful.

“You take the blue pill, the story ends, You wake up in Your bed and believe whatever You want to believe.

You take the red pill, You stay in Wonderland and I show You how deep the rabbit hole goes.

I can only show You the door.

You are the One who has to walk through it”

~ Consider this day, Your day of choice. This very moment, ripe for choosing. 

New offerings have shown up on the horizon because You have grown. 

Did You not ever stand out under the stars and tell the UniVerse/One Song that You are ready? Want to see more? Want to understand? Want to live the life You used to imagine freely until the day came that You made the decision to shut it all down in the name of what is ‘safe’?

Once You walk through the door, the towered constructs and conditions begin to crumble and ‘safe’ is only a state of mind.

You are this powerful.

“What is real? How do You define real? If You are talking about what You can feel, what You can smell, taste, and see- then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by Your brain.”

~ Our means for interpretation of Our experiences as well as the ways in which We experience are delegated by Our intentions, self worth and Nervous/Endocrine Systems.

There is so much happening and going on around You, that awaits to be seen by You the moment You decide to open Your hearts and see with Your eyes/I’s. 

Our thoughts are holy as they emerge from between Our temples.

Remember this.

‘Sacred’ is the word for Your experience, 

‘Courageous’ is the action, 

And ‘Knowing’ is the blessing.

‘Powerful’ is the outcome when We take Our walks,

Led by Our hearts.

“Remember, all I am offering is the truth. Nothing More”.

~ Choose wisely, Neo.