Services Offered


Join Tia in a personal one hour phone conversation to understand where You are currently and where You wish to go. Using the chamanic skill of Second Sight (Seer Viewing), Tia can help show You the next steps necessary for greater alignment to what is desired in Your world.

1 SESSION /$150


Available in 3, 5, and 10 session count at a reduced rate. Session bundles are typically for when a One would like to focus more on the understanding of life, Self and how to empower Themselves with the discovery of these newfound realizations.

 3 SESSIONS /$420    5 SESSIONS /$650     10 SESSIONS /$1100


Science tells Us that it takes 21 days to create a habit. It is Our choice what habits We wish to create- habits that allow Our abilities to flourish or habits that resist. The 21 Day Reset is for a One who is ready to witness lasting results from making conscious changes about how They are living Their lives. Tia will help guide You, each morning, in a phone satsang as well as give  tools and steps to help redirect where You focus  intentions and Your own power to create and manifest at will.

21 DAY RESET / $1700


Using the information of Your birthday, Tia will cast a natal chart for You and discuss Your strengths, challenges, any energies and cycles currently or coming up based on the information of Your zodiac signs and planetary placements. Insightful. *Natal chart overviews make wonderful gifts for the person who You never know what to buy for.

Astrology Natal Chart Overview /$130


a group session for Your friends and loved Ones. Up to 8 people, Tia will spend 4 hours in person with Your group on a question, answer and ‘deeper’ basis. *Dinner is optional.

Please inquire with Izadora as to other services offered:


Soul Retrieval / $375 (3 hr session)


Energy Session /$375 (3 hr session)


House Blessing or Clearing /$250 


(Available in 1 and 3 month course)

~’The Walk’ Apprenticeships~


~Chamanic Journeying~

Please inquire for further details.

 TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT or to inquire about co-hosting a Gathering in Your area please contact:  Izadora 720.883.3701

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