Join Tia in a personal one hour phone conversation to understand where You are currently and where You wish to go. Using the chamanic skill of Second Sight (Seer Viewing), Tia can help show You the next steps necessary for greater alignment to what is desired in Your world.


Available in 3, 5, and 10 session count at a reduced rate. Session bundles are typically for when a One would like to focus more on the understanding of life, Self and how to empower Themselves with the discovery of these newfound realizations.


Imagine having an intimate gathering at Your house of up to 8 of Your Friends and Loved Ones. 

Each person shows up with an open mind and their own questions about their world.

Over the following 4 hours, with a 3 Course Dinner option, Tia will take Your group on a full circle adventure to answer those questions presented. Rabbit holes can go deep with this one. 

‘We are each, the reflections of each Other’…

Please inquire with Izadora about services offered


Using the information of Your birthday, Tia will cast a natal chart for You and discuss Your strengths, challenges, any energies and cycles currently or coming up based on the information of Your zodiac signs and planetary placements. Insightful.

Natal Chart Overview Includes:

~ Casting of natal chart including breakdown of signs, positions and houses.

~ Electronic version of astrology chart

Observations noted of the connection between Your personality, personal cycles/energies and the planets

<<Natal chart overviews make wonderful gifts for the person who You never know what to buy for>>

Premium Package Natal Chart Overview Includes:

~ Casting of natal chart including breakdown of signs, positions and houses.

~ Printed and Electronic version of astrology chart

~ One hour phone session included


An in-depth mirror-work ritual for breaking the ties of old conditionings, past lives and binding cycles that have held You back from walking the journey that You so desire to experience.

In order for Us to walk forward on Our journeys as Creators, We must understand and make peace with Our pasts. Soul Retrieval is a tool of Chamanism that allows a One to truly witness Themselves beyond faces, masks and perceptions that We have become so used to wearing in fear.

Soul Retrieval includes:

~ a preparation session to help the One understand and become familiar with the history and process of a Soul Retrieval

~ the ritual of Soul Retrieval guided, supervised and supported through its entirety personally, by Tia

~ a session afterwards for understanding and application of what has been witnessed and seen within the ritual and how to utilize that for current and future experience upon a One’s creative journey called ‘Life’


To apprentice comes from the phrase ‘to grasp or take hold of’.

To work consciously with Your creative power, proper training and guidance are advantageous for Your ability to manifest.

In order to take hold of One’s power, One’s life, One’s destiny- a One learns to Master Their own actions and steps along the Journey. This is a training in Presence along a path of Illumination.

Your very own.

In unlocking Your true potential, You free Your step from old limitations and fear behaviours learned from Your survival days- tapping into Your power, happens by venturing within.

This is an intense 1,3 or 6 month immersion of daily satsangs by phone, initiation, excercises for attunement, tools, lightning rituals, SoulWork, and ‘one on one’ personalized teachings for a One to apply into the miraculous infinite potentials of Their very own lives, empowered and aware.


Since tribal days and before, human and plant have held unique relationship to one another.

The chamanic rituáls of ingestion of dried herbs and flower have opened doorways for minds seeking greater understanding and awareness of their experience.

Self inquiry leads to self mastery.

To see all of it, We must realize that We are already.

Utilizing native wisdom and sacred plant medicines, Tia will guide You on a journey through the sun and the shadow ultimately bringing You to the moment of witnessing Yourself. This is the sacred threshold where peace can be accessed.

The Chamanic Journey includes: 

~ Consultation before, to pinpoint areas to be focused upon for the Journey as well as the decision for what experience specifically, as the Journey to be taken

(LightningWay, Fire, Water, Yuwipi, Huachuma etc) (2 hours)

~ Personalized Chamanic Journey (lasting 1 entire night)

~ Follow-up session to communicate and understand the experience of the One (2 hours)

*Please contact Izadora Melillo for partnered and group inquiries



Is there a specific Path (Energy-Work Training, Chamanic Tracking, Hermeticism etc) that You are interested in deepening Your knowledge of? 

Please contact Izadora to speak about customized Mentorships and Wisdom Shares. 

To book a service, inquire, share or to hold a gathering in Your area please contact:

Izadora 720.883.3701

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