–    Are You seeking Your purpose and what it ALL MEANS?                

   –   Do You have a sense of knowing that, ‘THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN THIS’?   

          –   DO YOU WANT TO OVERCOME A SPECIFIC issue, illness, or disease? (Anxiety,  Depression, Mental Blocks, Auto-Immune Diseases etc)

Welcome to La Mariposa Alchemica (Butterfly Alchemy) Retreats.

Utilizing the 3 steps of the life of the Butterfly, Your guide, Tia LaVoie, will take You on an inward Journey of the most sacred kind.

Each day builds into the knowledge of the previous day’s adventure.

With workshops for sound healing, hosted by Natalie Fraser, and day-tours and ceremony led by Tia, this is an opportunity for a re-set and recharge.

Amongst the backdrop of ancient Mayan Temples, in the jungles of the Yucatán, Mexico, You will gain the knowledge of:

    • how to nourish Your own healing 

    • how to transform old belief systems 

    • and how to emerge into the new life that You desire, powerfully

The investment for this Journey is $1799USD.

This covers all lodging, 2 meals per day, rituals, classes, admissions into the sacred sites, taxes, and travel within the country…

Once the Guests arrive, We handle the rest, so that the focus can be on One’s own inner-transformation..

Learn how to hear…

Remember how to see…

Stand in Your knowing of what is revealed for You.

See You there.





Come And Allow The Magic Of Peru To Help Awaken You To Your Own Inner Journey And Personal Transformation….

⁃ Take in the antiquity of Cusco, the Imperial City of the Ancient Inqa

⁃ Walk Machu Picchu and remember Your own personal legend

⁃ Meditate at the Temple of the Full Moon

⁃ Open Your eyes to the stars, as We partake in a Seer ritual, at the sacred doorway of Hayu Marka 

⁃ Lake Titicaca cultural journey

⁃ Discover the archeological sites within the Sacred Valley

⁃ And finish with a Journey of the Vine (Ayahuasca ceremony) in Oyllantaytambo

A Once In A Lifetime Experience/11 Days Of Adventure

Total Investment/ $5200

Price Includes:

All travel within the country of Peru

2 meals per day

All taxes, admissions, gratuities and handling fees

All accommodations 

1 Ayahuasca Ritual 

Your Journey Awaits…

October 21-29 2019 

This October, You are invited to join Us in the jungles of Guatemala, for a truly transformative experience of Self-realization, awakening, and expansion across all aspects of Your life

✧ Explore, Align And Activate At The Sacred Temples Of Tikal

✧ 3-Day Energy Intensive Class At Ancient Mayan Ruins

✧ ReBirth Ritual At Lake Petén Itzá 

Remember Your power, invoke Your purpose, and gain new motivation for attaining Your life’s dreams and aspirations via gentle guidance and a Journey within the journey.

Immerse YourSelf into the mystical setting amongst ancient Mayan Ruins where Tia will initiate You into a 3 day teaching intensive of Chamanic Tracking and Extraction (how to find and clear out old conditional patterns that hold Us back currently), enriching and empowering Both Your own personal work as well as the healing work with Your Client base 

Find YourSelf in realized freedom moving through life with the courage that You have always desired, cultivated via ritual, experience, and connecting with Others on this adventure

$1900 Total  All Inclusive/ 2 Meals Per Day/ All Accommodations, Taxes, Tips and Admissions

$500 Deposit

Contact Izadora @ 720.883.3701 

for more information

Sometimes in Life…
Connections are remembered and the Stars align.
And in those times, You find YourSelf standing with Kindred,
Sharing amazing views with even more amazing company by fires We didn’t know could be made…

Sometimes in Life…
We allow OurSelves to venture outside of the norm-
When this happens,
We take a breath, share a laugh, and get to witness the Magyc that has been here all along…

Sometimes in Life…
Opportunity, creation and expansion all come together-
And that remembering, along with that magyc, make for quite a beautiful convergence…

June 20-23rd 2019
Deep In The Heart Of The Sacred San Juan
Mountains of Colorado

1rst Annual TEC Tribe Gathering
Summer SoulStice Weekend

• Camping
• Meals
• Hike Up To The World Famous Blue Lakes
• Journey Within The Journey
• Connection
• Celebration
• And Learn The Reason Why I Say, ‘You Can’t Script This’

See You There

$325 Total

Please Contact Izadora To Reserve Your Space 720-883-3701



The Lightning Path is a beautiful and powerful knowledge to work and walk with…

It carries with it the ability to destroy, to create, and to alchemize.

To learn this power and utilize it through conscious focus leads Us to conscious creating.


The LightningWalk Group Apprenticeship will begin on the Spring Equinox of this year…

Lasting 3 months, formally, this will be a Journey of wisdom teachings, foundational breathwork, ritual and activating deeper levels of consciousness in the discipline of the Hanaqpacha Qaqya Rayo (Illumination of The Mystical LightningBolt)

I am currently receiving and considering all Applicants and potential Walkers who may be interested in partaking in this Journey with MySelf and 15 Others…

I invite anyOne who feels the resonance of this calling, to apply…

I will make my decisions on January 23rd and personally contact each Walker who is chosen. 


Please contact Izadora Arielle Melillo 720-883-3701 for further inquiry and/or questions- 

I Thank You


La Mariposa Alchemica Retreat-

The Awakening Of The First Path…




Action begins by the Breath…

Intention starts with the Dream…

Creation occurs through Emerging…

You are invited to join Us for 6 days/5 nights in the jungles of the mystical Yucatán for a completely transformative experience of Mind, Emotion, Body, and Spirit

Together We will travel along the path of the White Road/Sacbé, meditate at holy sites sacred to the ancient Mayan culture, cleanse in the purifying ‘cenotes’, and uncover the secrets of Our own great mysteries.

If You have ever felt a calling to go within, to see Your Self, and to gain the knowledge necessary to walk Your own life’s path authentically and powerfully, here is Your opportunity to begin the Inner-Journey…

Your Own Self-Realization Awaits…

April 14-19 1019

$2300 All Inclusive

– 11 Spaces Available For This Event –

Please contact Izadora 720-883-3701 or for more information





I would like to offer this to each of You-

AnyOne who hears the call can show up for it, so know that You are invited…

I am offering an ‘11 Day Intention Setting/New Year Kickstart’ that will finish up on the 3rd of January.

Each day, We will meet up for a few moments to speak and share intentions, knowledge and focus for this via Video, Phone and Private Chat Thread-

I am also offering a 30 minute session with anyOne who chooses to partake in this offering.

Here’s the beautiful part about it- as equal energetic exchange is important and people tend to value things when they give value to things-

The price for this, is absolutely Your call. It is Your choice entirely what You would like to give for this. You pick the amount.

$1, $10, $10,000 etc… it is entirely Your choice to offer- the point of this is to show You (lessons within lessons, I love it) that You really do have affordable opportunities in life for learning a thing and bettering YourSelf- and here is a chance to take one…

11 Days of Intention Setting With LikeMinded Others

Chats, Breathing Excercises, Teachings, And A 30 Minute Session…

And You get to pick the energetic exchange….

Now, Who’s In?

12/24/2018 – 1/3/2019

11 Daily Intention Settings @

11a EST/ 10a CST/ 9a MST/ 8a PST

Please contact Izadora Arielle Melillo for further inquiry and action.

Thank You🔥🐾🐾





ShadowShine is a 5 Week Intensive Tele-Course created with the intention to help AnyOne at any level of awareness to understand and empower ThemSelves by going within, to explore the shadow (past traumas and present conditions that influence Our lives/self worth/actions) and literally, illuminating what has been hidden.

ShadowShine will offer group classes, lessons, meditations and breathing excercises as well as One on One sessions with Me,

Tia LaVoie.

This course is happening during the Katabasis (Winter) cycle and is complimentary to this time of year where We are sitting with OurSelves and Our shadow work.

ShadowShine Tele-Course Includes:

• 5/ 3 hour long Group Tele-Call Classes where We will utilize the space to share knowledge, inform, ask, answer and explore.

• 4/ 30 minute personal sessions with Me via phone, for check-ins, to get into the personals for each Individual, to focus Our vision for what is showing up and how to apply what is being taught in each week’s lesson

• All Group Calls and Personal One on Ones will be recorded for You to keep with You and review when and as desired

• 24 hour online/ongoing support with a personal group chat thread and private FB page

• Opportunities for personal work continuation together at special pricing

Offered Price:

ShadowShine/ $400




ArchAstrology Tele-Series

November 11 – December 9 2018


12 Zodiac Signs, 12 Jungian Archetypes, 12 Greek Deities. Each carries their own strengths, catalysts and patterns. 

This class will share in the understanding and application of Archetypal Power for leading an Empowered Life. 


-5 Group Classes 

-4 Half-Hour One on One Sessions
-2 Moon Rituals


the valleycoffee club-2



7:30 – 9:00 PM




Anxiety To Expansion Tele-Class

July 8th 2018


‘What if?’

Two words that often indicate a new direction along a path.

‘What if’…

Two words that can help to open doors of opportunity just as We are beginning to feel hopeless about a circumstance, condition, or situation.

‘What if?’…

What if I told You that everything that happens, is helping Us to become stronger in Our own realizations about Our own power?

Take a look at the following words and check in with Your body to see if any feeling or emotion comes up:

Nervous. Anxiety. Panic Attack. PTSD.


I encourage You to take a deep breath here and know that there is help.

Did You know that the word ‘anxiety’ comes from the word origin of ‘to tighten or to choke’? This is very often the way that symptoms are described when people are in the experience of intense anxiety.

‘A tightening in the chest’.

‘A feeling of being choked out/unable to breathe’.

Studies say that there are 40 million people in the United States alone, that work within the experience of anxiety- from social nervousness all the way to full blown manic states. Those same studies say that only about a third of that 40 million affected receive some sort of treatment.

No One needs to suffer.

Change Happens Here.

Please join Us for a very special afternoon to understand and overcome the old conditioning patterns of this very familiar catalyst

3 Hour Tele-Class 




Journey of the awakened spirit



October 13-26 2018

14 Days /13 Nights


A Gathered Pilgrimage To Peru,

Where Connection And Adventure Await Each Step For Your Own Self Discovery


Lima- Is where We will come together and begin Our journey of the Awakened Spirit. Connecting and Reconnecting. Receiving the energy of anticipation and experience. We will venture down into the famous Catacombs, visit pre-Colonial ruins and take in the splendour of the various cultural influences upon one of the oldest cities in South America and the last place that the Spanish Inquisition held an office.

Cuzco- When flying into Cuzco, the ancient capital of the Inqan Empire, a One can not help but breathe in the majestic as We travel over the Andes Mountains. Cusco is the portal to the mystical. I find personally, that this is where most people really begin to see the connection of themselves to this sacred space that Peru is. This is the energy of Personal Awakening. We will venture to the Temple of the Full Moon as well as a few ‘huakas’ (sacred spaces in the area that are used by chamans to re-charge and make ritual).

We will also tour the Sacred Valley and purify in the waters at Tipòn and meditate at Oyllantaytambo.

***Everything is ritual and each step building upon the previous, leading Us to the opportunity to partake in the sacred Yagé experience also known as Ayahuasca. It is here that the Jaguar, the Serpent, the Hummingbird and the Condor archetypes awaken inside of Us. An initiation into the sacred wisdom of OneSelf.

The Amazon- From the city in the jungle, Iquitos, We will travel by boat, upon the world famous Amazon River where We will explore the surrounding rainforest at Our eco-lodge experience. This is the space that We will feed Ourselves with the energy of preparation. The sounds, the sights, the discovery- oh my.

The best way I can describe the Amazon is :

*deep breath. She is a wonder to be lived rather than described.

Lake Titicaca- at Puno, the city at the lake, We will meet up with the Uros people who live on their own self made floating islands upon Lake Titicaca- as they have been doing for thousands of years. We will take a boat to the sacred island of Sillustani and hold personal ritual in honouring Our ancestors as well as ritual for laying to rest those aspects of Ourselves that deserve proper burial.


Those Who Hear The Call

*** 15 person limit***


All ceremonies, lodging, 2 meals a day, taxes, tips, admissions, vendor fees and in-country travel are included with the price


$3499 Total

$500 non refundable Deposit by 2/28/2018


Izadora Arielle Melillo or Tia LaVoie




La Mariposa Alchemica Retreat 2018-12


She finds the ground to be comforting and familiar so close to Her belly. A solid thing to be walked upon by many feet, steady and steadily, She faithfully traverses Her path-

until one day a thought comes to Her, “what if I am made to fly?”.’

Have You Ever:

• felt the need to take time for Yourself, to nurture and wander deeper into hidden spaces awaiting Your very own treasures of Self-discovery?

• found Yourself wondering why the cycles are still showing up, why the old patterns are still so prevalent, why You can not seem to shake old belief systems that serve nothing good in Your world?

• heard the call but did not heed it, all whilst telling Yourself that You ‘weren’t ready/the timing was not right/or that it would have to be after other previous binding conditions were met’?

Did the call still happen?

‘And so She begins feeding Her body, She knows She will need the extra energy for the processes necessary for Her specific transformation- this is how change happens,

We listen for the guidance of the next step…’

Perhaps now is the moment that You decide to say ‘Yes’ to Your heart, hopes and dreams.

Perhaps now is the time to take the step in a new direction.

Perhaps now is the most perfect point to allow Yourself the flow of what is and what will be.

By understanding the process of transformation from the Caterpillar into Chrysalis to its eventual emergence as the Butterfly, You will gain the tools to recognize Your own personal life’s alchemy and ‘Great Work’ to be made.


For Lodging…

* A relaxing stay in a warm and inviting boutique adobe lodge, The Chipeta Solar Springs Resort, named after the powerful wife of the locally famous Ute Chief, Ouray. The resort is nestled in amongst the majestic San Juan Mountains, where amazing sunsets and the mystical wild spirit of nature still incite heartfelt inspirations.

For Body…

* Throughout Your stay, You will dine on heart inspired meals from world-cuisine menus prepared by holistic nutritionists that are both delicious and nourishing.

Whilst the caterpillar begins to feed itself for its upcoming journey into its chrysalis stage, attend a class with Grace McGuire from to understand that the ritual of preparing and indulging in comfort foods can be good for You- mind, body, and spirit.

* The movement ritual of Qoya is offered to allow energetic flow from one step into the next, and to invite new manifestations in upon Your journey.

Julie Maree at will gently instruct You in several of these sessions over the days of Your retreat, to help bring in a new awareness of Your very own grace and power.

For Mind…

* live satsangs in the Great Kiva (a puebloan sacred meeting room where holy teachings are gifted) with Tia LaVoie of, where understanding, expansion and growth are gifts to be discovered. Here is where the understanding of the Butterfly Way will be shared with You, each day: the life lived with Our bellies close to the ground until the ‘Calling’ to go deeper’, the ritual of going into the dark in order to see clearly and have Our ‘Great Dreaming’, and the emergence of coming into the light by the butterfly realizations known as the ‘Sacred Rising’.

* With the understanding that without intention, Our creative power is unfocused- We can understand in a deeper meaning, what the chrysalis stage is all about. As the caterpillar physically breaks down into its own creative awakening, allow Izadora with to guide You in mapping out Your intentions and dreams for Your next step towards emergence- ‘the unfolding into the light’.

For Spirit…

* Fire Ceremonies, at night, to assist in the turning and change that comes with each new step taken on the journey and the empowerment to apply the wisdom of the cycles into the every day experience of life for transformation and expansion.

* to cultivate and reconnect on and in deeper levels both within and without while remembering to trust Our hearts. By tapping into Our own inner courage to take actions in spaces that help lead Us to manifesting the lives that We desire to create, We realize that when We go deeper within, We expand without.

For You…

By contemplating the steps of the Butterfly, We can apply the wisdom to Our own lives to overcome old belief patterns and to create the life desired and deserved.

The Alchemy of the Butterfly is waiting to honour Your steps on the journey as well as reflect and embrace Your own personal inner-transformation at La Mariposa Alchemica Retreat.

The teachings of the ‘Alchemy of the Butterfly’ are ready to be experienced by You…

It is time to remember Your wings and rise.

Thank You.




$2300 OR EARLY BIRD $2000 BY 2/28/2018



messages in the messenger tele- course

NOVEMBER 18 2018 






DreamWeaver 2018 Series












Gifts of The Divine 

August 20 – October 8

The 7 Graces



Journey Of The Awakened Spirit

October 13-26 2018 

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 1.00.29 PM




June 16-18 2017






Understanding Your Children And Parents Through The Language Of The Zodiac Signs

April 29th 2017 is grateful to offer another class in the understanding of astrology signs, this time with the focus on the connections shared with Children and Parents…

This Class Includes:

~ Overviews of the connections between Your Sun sign and the Sun signs of Your Parents and Children

~ Learn to understand the basic needs of each sign. What motivates them, what moves them, and what helps to show them they are cared for, attended to, heard and acknowledged

~ Helpful ways to open lines of communication in order for all parties to get their messages across, to be accepted, understood, and allowed

Thank You For Choosing To Be Powerful.

Knowledge Is Powerful, The Application Of That Knowledge Holds Even More Truth To That.

Thank You For Growing And Allowing me to be a part of the Journey.

•April 29th 2017 @ 11am MST / 1pm EST

•3 hour class duration -times may be extended

•Classes will be recorded so that You may access and listen at any time

•Class cost is $111

•RSVP and pay by April 28thh 2017

Izadora 720.883.3701





Understanding The Language Of Partnership In Astrology

February 19th 2017

Communication is the key to any successful relationship.

Just as different countries speak different languages, each sign in the zodiac does so as well.

Have You ever looked at Your Romantic Partner and had absolutely no idea or understanding as to why they say and do the things they say and do?

Our motivations, the ways that We go about taking action, what moves Our souls and even the ways We say ‘I Love You’ are uniquely different with each astrological sign.

These different ‘languages’ can, in fact, be learned by Others, successfully. It takes knowledge, practice and application. The same as We learn any other language in life.

In order for You to be heard and received by Your Spouse/Significant, understanding them is a big help. Learning to speak their native tongue is even more advantageous to Your success in getting Your messages across to Your Partner.

Is it not easier to communicate, speak love and prosper in relation when at least one person can understand the language of the Other in a pairing?

This class will show You how…

~Stars In Love~

Understanding The Language Of Partnership In Astrology

•Feb 19th 2017 @ 11am MST / 1pm EST

•3 hour class duration -times may be extended

•Classes will be recorded so that You may access and listen at any time

•Cost is $111 for each class

Or combine both classes Stars In Love & Conversations With The Stars for $200

•RSVP and pay by Feb 8th 2017

Izadora 720.883.3701




Astrology In Sales And Service 

February 26th 2017

Do You work in Professional Sales/ Network Marketing and/or the Service Industry?

Realtors, Entrepreneurs, Networkers, Servers, Dispensary Teams etc…

Is Your work pay based on how well You converse with Others?

Are You looking to increase the prosperity of Your business and work success?

Learn to speak the language of the stars.

Astrology has been used since millennia to understand energies and cycles influencing the lives of people.

This can be applied to business interactions as well.

This class will help You gain understanding in:

– what motivates the Seller/Buyer

– how to create an emotional connection through the use and understanding of the zodiac.

– what key words grab the attention of a sign during a sale and the closing

Each sign speaks a different language-

learn the language and it is much easier to get Your message across. A clear message has much more potential for a winning sale than an unclear one.

We all deserve success in life- to expand, is to grow, in all directions and aspects of Our journey, let this class help You to achieve that.

~Conversations With The Stars~

Astrology In Sales And Service

•Feb 26th 2017 @ 11am MST / 1pm EST

•3 hour class duration – times may be extended

•Classes will be recorded so that You may access and listen at any time

•Cost is $111 for each class

•Or combine both classes for $200

•RSVP and pay by Feb 8th 2017

Izadora 720.883.3701



Do You ever make New Year’s Resolutions?

How often do You keep to them beyond the first month? What happens?

Perhaps it is not a resolution that needs to be declared, perhaps You are finished with resolutions, perhaps You have grown and are growing, perhaps moreso, it’s not a resolution but a revolution that is attempting to make its way to the forefront of Your journey.

‘Revolution’, comes from the word revolve, and ‘revolve’ originates from a phrase meaning ‘To Turn Over In the Mind or Heart’- in other words, to make a change. A Big One.

To create conscious change in Your life, to free Yourself from the bindings of old conditions, cycles of doubt, limiting thought patterns/ help is, at times, necessary.

In Our lives, We help Others- Our Families, Our Groups, Our Tribes. To do so, We have to help Ourselves. To help any Other, We must first give the same energy to Ourselves, what this means is that You deserve to take care of Yourself.

Science tells Us that it takes 21 days to rewire Our brain patterns to cease bad habits and live from Good Habits/Conscious Disciplines.

You are exactly one deep breath and one intention away from changing the entire game…


21 Day New Year’s Kick Start:

• 4/ 30 minute calls per week in session consultation

• Excercises to work presence, breath, and body vitality

• Morning check-ins 5 days per week

• Tools for aligning to conscious creating and self empowerment

• The extra added benefit of having a One there to help guide You along the new steps of Your journey and to hold You accountable with presence, intention and motivation…


Be Blessed.

Please Contact Izadora Melillo To Take Your Next Step




OCTOBER 21-27 2016


In the heart of the magyc of the deep South, where a holy river winds its way through a blackwater convergence of darkened bayou swamp, layered tapestries of bygone eras still overlapping the present times, and a deeply rich enduring Spirit that embraces one willing its reception… is New Orleans.

Beautiful mystic that she is, be aware to come any closer, as she may take a liking to You and speak a secret to Your soul.The sacred work of alchemy and ritual come alive in the spirit of Carnivale, a surrender to the Sacred within each of Us.

As with each year’s adventure, You will be immersed in the culture, the people and the soul of the land. You know what happens when one powerful person takes steps in a place. What happens when a group of likeminded Beings make the choice to do so together? This Journey invites You into the space of that intended experience:

~Connecting to the native, sacred and primal energies amongst the cypress trees and alligator…

~Offering and gratitude to Madame Marie and the miracles accredited to her…

~A two day class on the understanding and application of Surrendering to the Sacred Within, the Allowance of Divine…

~Option to partake in an authentic mystical New Orleans ritual and celebration as only the Mambos of the city can bring, Merci et Ayibobo… 

~Celebratory ‘Last Night Fete’ as only the Ancestors and Guardians of the French Quarter can offer after connections, initiations and realizations occur…’Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!’

***Space is limited to 18 participants***

$1099 Total

Deposit of $325 due July 25th 2016

Balance of $774 due in full by October 1st 2016

$1099 price includes 10 meals and all other parts of the journey, excluding airfare

Please contact Izadora for more information on where to send payments. Thank You.

The prices are based on occupancy for 18.

⚜Something to make note of⚜

This N’awlins adventure is a journey, in and of itself, with a 2 day class, that is its own journey, in and of itself. It is my intention to offer sacred and serene space in between Our treks and steps of venturing rabbit holes and inspired realizations.

That being said…

We have chosen something quite different this time with accommodations.

Rather than the confined energy of hotels, We have chosen a spacious lake house to rent, outside of the bustle of the city and the bacchanalia known as the French Quarter.


For inquiry and information, please contact 

Izadora 720.883.3701

Thank You. Bless❤️


 OCTOBER 19TH – 30TH  2015



Walking Your Path in Connection at the Center of the World 

*Emerge from the catacombs of Lima

*Discover the mysteries of Cusco

*Remember in the Sacred Valley 

*Envision at Huayna and Macchu Picchu

*Realize Yourself on the Journey of the Soul 

(sacred Yagé ceremony,optional)

$2,800 total

11 days/ 10 nights

*10 meals included, all 10 nights’ accommodation, all travel and transportation within the country, site admissions, taxes, tips, and operator fees

May Your footfalls be Light…

If any questions, please contact Izadora Arielle Melillo 720-883-3701.

Thank You. Bless♥



JULY 25th 2015 1-4p mst



for Anyone Seeking to Understand What Their Body is Speaking


You are not made to live in pain, sickness or disease. When You find Yourself in the experience of illness (chronic or otherwise) it is actually a message for You. When You can read the message and take action from the understanding, the messenger has to leave. Many call this ‘healing’.


This call will show You the ways to understand the messages that are brought to Us as well as the questions of inquiry to ask Ourselves in order to get to the message. We will cover some general messengers as well as discuss personal messengers to help You along Your path of realization. You deserve to know that You are more than capable of healing Yourself and living a life pain free and in joy. Come and learn how to do so. I am looking forward to this insightful knowledge share.

What is Your health and quality of life worth to You?


The cost for this 3 hour tele-conference is free for apprentices and $40 for Anyone else. Please RSVP by July 20th as space is limited.

You can make payment for this event at:

If any questions, please contact Izadora Arielle Melillo 720-883-3701.

Thank You. Bless♥



July 12th 2014  Denver, Colorado  



A Gathering will be taking place at Full Moon Books & Event Center on Saturday July 12th at 4p. Sickness, whether of mind or body, CAN BE CURED. Wisdom passed down from the Great Masters says, ‘We are not meant to suffer’. Dis-ease brings a message. Learn to read the message and change the reality of the dis-ease. Love is the most powerful vibration in the Universe, align with Love and dis-ease can not sustain itself. Spend an afternoon remembering the choice of Love, the ability to work with its energy (wisdom of the mystery schools) and witness the results firsthand. HEALINGS HAPPEN HERE. It is time and humanity deserves. All Are Invited. Please share with anyone You feel would benefit from this.

You are Love.  Bless♥

4p – 7p Full Moon Books & Event Center
9106 W. 6th Ave, Lakewood, Colorado 80215
(303) 233-6666


OCTOBER 20-26 2014 Yucatan, Mexico


Adobe Photoshop PDF


February 14th – 16th 2014  Southern Maryland

~The Path of Love: the Realization,Acceptance and Application of Source Power Through Chamanic Journeying and Envisioning~

Date/Time: 2/14 5:00 p through 2/16 3:00 p-ish

Fee: $175 for all three days. The fee includes 5 meals and shared sleeping space if desired.

RSVP: by Jan 15th

Full Payment due by February 1,2014 (Cash or Check preferred) Event limited to 30 participants

Contact Izadora 720-883-3701 or Renee 301-536-1871 (call or text) for more details or payment info

If you have any food restrictions please contact Izadora Arielle Melillo


Have You ever awoken and thought, ‘I just feel different from Others around me’? Have You ever sat and pondered, ‘There must be more to it than this’? Have You ever listened to the gentle nudging of that still small voice inside that speaks, ‘Yes,You are different. Yes, there is still more. Yes, You deserve. Yes, go and seek it.’…That to be sought, is what the Chamans of the jungle call, ‘The Treasure of Your Heart’.

To attain the Treasures of the Heart and to access the Source Power, which is Your Power, there is a journey one must walk. The Path of Love. To journey this holy and sacred Path is to go within and realize the true heart and nature of the One who walks it. To meet with Your true Self, Your Highest Self, and stand with It, without judgments, without fears, brings You to witness the Power of Your own Divinity. The Chamans refer to this as facing the Spirit of Jaguar.

You are invited to join Us for the very special weekend of Feb. 14, 15 & 16th. In this Gathering, You will have the opportunity to face the Jaguar and realize the doubts, limitations and other ‘monsters in the dark’ that stalk You and keep You from walking Your journey as the Creator You are meant to be. You will be given the tools and guidance from a Chaman’s meditation to allow You to witness the choices in and of Your actions, in order to bring forgiveness and spontaneous healing to Your world. You will receive initiation into a gift of Knowledge, a Ritual, passed down by the San Andres Indians of Peru for thousands of years to experience a Soul Death and to truly be Reborn into the Divine Nature of Your Being. Facing the Jaguar and allowing old allegiances, belief systems, and what no longer serves Your world to be released back to the Source, allows for understanding, healing and rebirth as You have never experienced before. By releasing the fear, You invite fertile ground for Love to grow.

The Path of Love is Yours to Journey. The Treasure of Your Heart is Yours to Experience. The Life That is Yours is Yours to Create.

Be well. Bless Us.All One…


January 21st – February 9th 2014 Southern Maryland  

Sitting Sessions with Tia @

Joy Lane Healing Center

Time:  11 AM to 5 PM, By Appointment

*Tia offers a sliding scale to those in need

Drawing upon her apprenticeships, experiences, and the powerful lineage of Roots Practitioners and Seers she is descended from, Tia is awaiting to assist You in stepping into Your Power and becoming the Divine Creator You are meant to be. Utilizing her ability to peer into Your world and seeing what events of Your past are preventing You from moving forward into Your future, she can help You see, understand, release and heal Your own self imposed chains and bindings. These sessions are an opportunity for You to learn to create Your very own miracles. ‘You are only meant to suffer until You realize You are no longer meant to suffer’. It makes no matter the illness, dis-ease, or trouble that is Your current challenge. The ‘Truth’ Knowledge that Tia works with spans across the entire spectrum of experience and creation. Using ‘the Gift’, she will see which modality will be most efficient and beneficial for Your understanding and healing to take place. She is experienced and well versed in Energy Work (laying of the hands), Soul Retrieval, and Shamanic Journeying, amongst other initiations and channels, successfully.

To schedule an appointment, please call the Center at 301/373-2522.


October 10th – October 14th 2013  Southern Maryland  

~Shamanic Life Journey Sessions with Tia at Joy Lane Center~


October 5th & 6th 2013  Southern Maryland  

~Weekend Intensive Workshop~

This is an amazing opportunity to do some work you may not otherwise get an opportunity to – and the perfect time of year to do it!


The Manifesting and Abundance Healing Intensive will focus on manifestation and co-creation of the reality each of us choose. Reality is an illusion that we learn to create. While portions of the weekend will be intense, we will also have fun creating dreams that we once thought of as only fantasies. We will work on blocks that are preventing us from being completely clear of our ultimate desires and will work to clear those blocks to allow ourselves to receive true healing from ourselves and other tools and sources.

We will also share a weekend of fellowship and memories, as too often life is busy and we don’t take the time to do so. Evenings will be spent sharing thoughts and exchanging ideas and just being present with one another in celebration and love.

This experience is inspiring magical and life changing.


August 24 2013  Denver, Colorado


You are warmly invited to ‘the Gathering’ on Saturday August 24th

The intent of ‘the Gathering’ is to bring together Divine Beings of a likemind who are ready and willing to open Their hearts, to expand Their awareness and grow in Their consciousness, thus, opening, expanding and growing in Their own worlds.

This is an opportunity to walk in Your Divinity and participate in the creating of Your very own Miracles. Join Us in this time to step into Your Truth, that You are LOVE, that You DESERVE and that You CAN live Your life using the POWER that is Yours by DIVINE RIGHT to create and manifest as You so desire. This will be a sacred reunion for healing both mind & body. It makes no difference what troubles, illness or dis-ease You are currently challenged with, these principals work for the entire spectrum of experience and creation, Universal Law is Divine Law. Please share this invitation with whosoever Your heart inspires You to.

As the outside reflects the inside, by sharing space together in Unity, let Us see what changes and creations We may manifest together. Admission is free, donations appreciated

Thank You. WE ARE ONE. Bless♥

Living Earth Center

2120 S Holly St, Ste 9, Denver, Colorado 80222

February 3 2013  Denver, Colorado

~Perspective Is Everything~

You are All invited to hear peaceful words and wisdom shared in sacred space on Sunday February 3, 2013 at The Living Earth Center in Denver, Colorado beginning at 4:30pm.

During this gathering You will have the opportunity to realize Your Divinity and stand strong in the Presence of Your Power. Come and remember how to walk this Path of Awareness in order to truly manifest what You desire and be the change You wish to see. All is One ~ We Are Love. Bless ♥

Suggested donation $10 – $20

Is Greatly Appreciated and please note no one will be turned away for lack of funds

Know any Kindred Spirits who You feel this would resonate with? Then bring Them along. All Are Welcome.

Tea & Coffee will be available

Please RSVP if possible

For more info or to set up a private session please contact

Izadora (720) 883 3701

Erica (720) 333 2082

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