LMA 2020 ~ Ignite Your Purpose

   –    Are You seeking Your purpose and what it                

         all means?

   –   Do You have a sense of knowing that, 

        ‘there is more to life than this’?

   –   Do You want to overcome a specific 

        issue, illness, or disease? (Anxiety, 

        Depression, Mental Blocks, Auto-

        Immune Diseases etc)

Welcome to La Mariposa Alchemica (Butterfly Alchemy) Retreats.

Utilizing the 3 steps of the life of the Butterfly, Your guide, Tia LaVoie, will take You on an inward Journey of the most sacred kind.

Amongst the backdrop of ancient Mayan Temples, in the jungles of the Yucatán,Mexico, You will gain the knowledge of:

    • how to nourish Your own healing 

    • how to transform old belief systems 

    • and how to emerge into the new life that 

      You desire, powerfully

Learn how to hear…

Remember how to see…

Stand in Your knowing of what is revealed for You.

See You there.

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