Happy Scorpio Full Moon


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And A Stunningly Intense Full Moon To You…

Do You ever realize the words that are typically grouped in as the descriptions
for the zodiac sign of Scorpio?




And as mentioned above,

In honour of this Full Moon, I am writing a love letter to the Scorpio that resides within each of Us,
and is awakening at this time during this Taurean Sun month.

Love Letter To The Scorpio As Follows:

Dear Loving and Loved,

I saw You almost smile today and I wished I had almost smiled back.

Sometimes smiles are milestone marks to confirm that things are changing and life is good, and sometimes smiles are the masks We wear so that nobody can see the cracks in the foundations or the heaviness of Our own personal hurts.

I just want You to know, Scorpio- I see You.

And Your smile is beautiful.

Even if it is sometimes a mask for the time being, they do say ‘fake it till You make it’, and You are a Scorpion and We don’t really do in-authentic so well, so whatever it is You have been through or are going through, I know that its only catalyzations of Your greatness and even the stars right now are promising You Your power and letting You know the treasure is at the X, and all You have to do is remember the treasure map, and no, You never lost the map, only the belief in Yourself to rememberthat it is Your Divine Rite to look in the sky and navigate the constellations of Your very own destiny. 

You, Scorpio.

Look up, which is in- see?
That’s Mars dancing with Jupiter and Neptune: the Warrior, WishGranter and the DreamMaster- don’t fight what is inevitable which is the expansion of Your own realizations of the power of Your own heart and ability to create and embrace all three components of All One knowing- life, death, and rebirth. It’s ok Scorpio- We were made for this. 

That smile.

Did You ever take a moment to breathe in the cosmos?
Ever take a moment to remember You are Infinite? Ever exhale and witness worlds created? That’s You. Timeless, everlasting.
That’s You, right there, Scorpio- here to witness the beautiful, the awe-inspiring, the art of Your very own creation to which You are Master and the formless potential of the Universe Your medium to manifest at will, to place where You will, to do with what You will. 

Insert deep sigh here, Scorpio.

I saw You almost smile today.

I think it is time that I begin to remember to smile back or smile first or just….smile.

Happy Full Moon.

I am loving You Scorpio,


Focus OnThe JourneyNot TheDestination-2

This Full Moon beckons Us to go deep and deeper.

It also encourages Us to find Our own voice, and hear Our own intuition.

That being said- I will offer components to a ritual, and also, at the end of the day, it is Your rituál to be decided upon. (You can google for further assistance and examples).

It is perfectly ok to ask for help and also with the energy of this moon I encourage You to

hear Your heart in what to do, what to choose, and what actions to take.

Intentions are extremely powerful. Write Yours and speak them.

The Elementals:

Use as many elements as You desire, or focus on just one.

This is about You, following the guidance of Your own heart. Trust Yourself, You know what resonates and what does not.

Fire- is for purification. Fire destroys and creates. Burn it to burn things that are no longer serving Our world in beneficence.

Air- is for breath, life. Breathing life into One’s creation, desires, and manifestation. For speaking sacred words and phrases.

Earth- for burial of what no longer serves and for the medium to grow life and wishes.

Water- for cleansing, purifying, and anointing. Water sends things down the river and water sanctifies Our sacred work.


Offerings can be to what Your intention is, to Ancestors, the Deities that You choose to focus on and/or Self etc…

What do You release to, sacrifice or give over and what does it represent for You?

– Food can be offered, and You can take it a step deeper and Google the symbology behind the food chosen. I personally like dark grapes and dark berries and or wine at the Full moon times.

– Items of heartfelt significance. Sentimental.

-Fetishes and symbols written on paper of the energies that You are choosing to work with or release. Letters. A piece of wood. And items of One’s past can all be offered.

Full Moon energy is the amplification of Our own illumination. Whereas new moons represent growth and progress aspects, full moons typically represent the release or the observation of death and rebirth aspects.

This is a good time for burials and bonfires. 

You can write a letter to Your old Self, past relationship that is affecting You currently or even to Your history. Burn it afterwards.

Or send it down the river. Or bury it to return to the Great Mother.

Take a hot bath, with Your crystals charging the water- purify and cleanse and allow for new to happen.

Make love.

Don’t forget to say Your ‘Thank You’s’ at the end and again, hear Your heart and trust there.

Which is here.

I am grateful.


Full Libra Moon


Full Moon In Libra…

~Libra is the only sign that is neither man nor animal…
~Balance and Harmony are her forté…
~Partnership beginning with Self…

Full moons typically are working in the ‘end’ phases-
The ending of a relationship that is no longer serving, or the ending of aspects of the relationship that are no longer in service to love…

What do You choose to release/outgrow/move on from, this day?

Happy Full Moon…



Tend Your Spring Fires🔥

Winter can be cold in the Deep Dreaming…
There is no reason to shiver and hug Yourself anymore…
No need to protect, hide, gestate…
No longer necessary to lay in the Dark and cycle the ‘Hows’ and ‘Why’s’, unending circles make Our heads spin…
look up, that’s where the spirals go, Your Divine Right…

Up, Up, and Elevate…

Blow Your coals, whip those flames…
Burn the lands and scorch…
Breathe creation from Your destructions…
No thing is beyond transmutation…
Alchemize. Right Now🔥
You are made for it, hear for it, here for it…
Burnt remains offer sacred sacrament to feed and nourish the potash in the soil- this means that what You plant after Your burn, will take on new growth- Vigorous, Brave and Abundant🔥

Deep breaths nurture Fire, don’t forget to…
Inhale, Exhale, Inspire, Expire…
Now, We Bless and Blaze…
Siembra Fuego


Today Is Your Day🌱
You are made to take root, grow, push through and expand. Ready for it, here for it.
No One can take that from You as the power itself is in Your choices decided upon.
We all deserve abundant fruition. We all deserve prosperous lives fulfilled in the steps We choose to take, based upon Our own self worth. We all deserve to choose Happy.
You Are All Priceless. And Deserving.
No thing is against Us, only here to catalyze Our transformations and expansions. See the challenges in Your lives as confirmations of Your growth, nothing less.
The Universe conspires (literally, ‘to breathe together’) Our inspirations.
Focus follows faith. And faith manifests Our realities.
Action conquers fear, and connects Us to the Divine within.
Be Courageous (to take action from the heart)
Be Love (the truth of what We are)
Be You (absolute Divine, manifested and experiencing ItSelf)
And Be Blessed As You Are Each Blessings In This World
Siembra Fuego
Happy Equinox-
Today, Your new growth begins…

***What do You choose to plant in the fertile soils of Your world?

Happy New Moon In Pisces Solar ‘Clipsin’….

Fish moons hang world eggs formed from the ethers of sacrifice and sacred.

Get born.
Ocean stars’ lights shining-
star lights and light stars, both illuminate interplanetary trajectories and paths flamed across the sky that only the asteroids know the beginning of…
Do You know Your journey from the Milky Way?
Then listen.
Your HeartLight will tell it.

Live life on K Spectrums rather than run circles in drake equation arguments- Ms Badu says come out with Your scales up-
Healer! You have already made perfect, perfect is happening- conditioned no more, no thing to heal-
Fish moons’ fish scales got that shimmer right under the glow of illumination.

Dive deep.
Suns swallow shadow and Brother Bob says lighten up the dark…
There’s a Natural Mystic…
And with a pigeon patois encouraged to Stir It Up- stir becomes steer- as We captain Our own vessels.
The storm is over.
What has been, was.
What can be, is.
Light on the horizon and that horizon is Infinite.

Possibles to Infinity in the remembering of Your Divine.
Let the Sun shine Soul shine Heart shine burn bright…

Riddle me this, please…

Riddle me this, please…
An interesting energy that I have noticed, is of the blame game.

Sometimes We blame Our pasts for Our current choices We make in life, We blame Our current situations on Our past perceptions.
Sometimes We blame Others for how We so choose to think, feel, be and act. I have noticed that in fear states, people like to point and judge- have You ever? Do You currently?
If so, Why and Who?

Today, I hold the intention that We all hold Our own selves accountable for Our choices in thought, belief, action, and feeling.
You are Infinitely Powerful. Each of Us.

Life is too short to play blame games and deny the Divine within You that makes the choices You decide.
That is what happens when You blame Others- You deny the power of Your own Divinity in choices made.
You are too powerful to deny Your own power.

Sow Fire🔥
And Be Blessed As You Are Already A Blessing

Time For Change~Aquarius New Moon


‘All My Life I’ve Stepped To The Rhythm Of The Drumbeats In My Head’….

The power of this New Moon in Aquarius cycle revolves, expands, and catalyzes…

There are some New Moons that like to ‘play it safe’ and prefer to ‘do as They’re told like good little moons’- those moons can continue existing in their established and familiar complacencies.

That most certainly is NOT for the New Moon in Aquarius.

This moon doesn’t just beckon for growth in Your world, this moon starts a ‘Change My Life Revolution’- replete with border walls crumbling to piles of rubble and a few alien visitors showing up from the Mothership to partake in Your UniVerseSoul celebration.

This is the Moon for breaking out of old limiting thought patterns,  dropping the armour because You have realized life is You and Your power requires no protection from Yourself.

Congratulations on the Lightning Medicine and Quickening this moon has gifted to each of Us- We have all leveled up, exponentially in giant steps and are now outgrowing the illusion of ‘can’t, should and not enough’. Things are beginning to vibrate faster, and it is all because We are ready for it at this time. Each of Your steps from every moment of Your past has brought You to here. Good job- now keep growing.

This is Your year and right now is Your time to take action.

Hear Your own inner guidance and witness Your own testimony to power. You are unique and whole. You are the love You seek, and the holy that You pray to understand.

What was, is now changing, what is is right now, what will be is up to You…

And that is Powerful.


This New Year Is Happening…As Are New Opportunities To Learn, Expand and Remember…
To be a Walker, is to step upon Our journey in the knowledge and awareness that We create from wherever We are, no matter what the terrain may look like.

To be a Walker, is to remember that from Our presence, We may alchemize any situation to serve love, to be love.

This is where miracles come from.
From utilizing the creative potentials of the FireWalk, to the manifestations of the EarthWalk, the emotional explorations of WaterWalk- We grow. This readies Us for a new element to walk in. To see, witness and create from.
The next Walker apprenticeship is its own medicine. 

SkyWalking is about:
~learning to rise above earthbound conditioning by freeing Ourselves from Our own self imposed bindings.

~The ability to flow and create in quick and sudden change by developing Our abilities to stand in the thick of it and alchemize the outside by working from within via facing fears and the transmutation of lost causes and impossibilities.

~ Lightning medicine and miracle making created by the power of intention, words, and methods of energy work used by the medicine clan of the Laiqa of Peru.
These group apprenticeships are for those who are ready to level up in their training. 

This is not for the faint of heart. 

Bi-weekly one on one calls, group calls and group classes.

Excercises for both body and mind.

Rituál and connection.
SkyWalk is for those who wish to go further, deeper and within. Those who are called in their hearts to be a part of this. 

This is the knowledge and magyc that my Teacher, Patrick Collard, taught, shared and inspired in me- being passed along to You in layers and levels. It is serious work and greatly rewarding. 
It Is Work. 


You Deserve And Yes, You Are Worth It To Walk In Your Power.

To begin,

I ask that You message me and let me know why You feel drawn to partake. What is Your reason for showing up here? I will hold vision and conversation for each Querant/Potential Initiate and choose all parties by January 23rd.
It will be an honour to work in this space with those who show up and are chosen. 

Thank You.

If there are questions, please feel free to contact Izadora or Myself- here for it and happy to answer. Love@beloveseelove.com 
Siembra Fuego🔥


img_7555And So It Begins…

Happy SoulStice EveryOne…

Winter is upon Us.

The ascent of Katabasis is beginning this day, in this moment. We have been in Our own perceived Underworlds since the Autumn Equinox. Going down into Katabasis is about seeing Ourselves, coming out of Katabasis is about applying the lessons We have learned from that time looking at Ourselves.


And now,
We begin to climb out of the caves
We have descended several months previous.

It is time.

The awakening. Yours. 

Open Your eyes. You have been here all along.

All You have is NOW. What do You wish to do with this moment?

All that surrounds You in this life, is a culmination of Your thoughts, Your words and Your actions. You are creating in each moment.
Even now. 

All that has happened has been necessary to bring You to this place. Each step, each choice, each decision has occurred to bring You to love. Closer to love. The realization of love- within Yourselves,
within Your world.
Your life changes when You do.

 This Is Beautiful.



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Artemis runs deep into burrowed woods, but it is no longer for the thrill of the chase. The Wild within her has far outgrown the surface thrills, the insatiable ‘mores’…always heart longs for depth not number. What have You outgrown?

She runs for sustenance, to nourish and nurture.
To feed her Soul, not her fixations. To feed her Spirit, not distractions.

She can no longer seek, because what was sought is seen. It is only a matter of accepting. Whether the journey took one step or a thousand miles- We are still right here. How long will You run in circles until You have enough, grab an end and begin to move upwards in a spiral?
She can no longer pretend that what she knows, she doesn’t, because once a One has seen, a One can not unsee…She must overstand that to look up is to look in, to look down is to look through and in the lands before Awareness, most nothing is as it seems.

This New Moon is a Moon for the dispelling of illusion, the burning of foundations, the visions for Greater and the ability to manifest at will…
Like Artemis, We all are accompanied by hounds on this journey, which symbolize loyalty, foremost to Ourselves. Without intention and will, Our first step is never taken. Trust that Your arrow will follow Your aim.
Like Artemis, We all carry a bow and full quiver at this time, allowing Us to draw back, and release- cease to overthink and analyze, feel more and pay attention to intuition, honestly listening rather than ‘trying to hear’.
Like Artemis, sometimes We must turn into Bears in order to face Our biggest fears and challenges. That is ok. Our feelings are real, and We can not run from them or Ourselves. The sooner We face what We must, We make a realization…
We don’t get to grow if We don’t test Ourselves.
We don’t get to see what We are made of if We don’t allow Ourselves to fall.
We don’t get to see what’s over the edge if We don’t push beyond the fringe.
This New Moon is made for action, it is made for realization, and it is made for You to remember- You are made of the Divine flame, it burns there within You.
You are made to allow Your old conditions and programs to burn away in the Light of the Truth.
Remember Love.
To Love.
You Love.
Deserve To Love.
Deserve To Be Loved.

Speak Your Desires Under A New Moon Sky and Stay Receptive and Grateful and Humble…
Then, Watch The Magyc…

Sow Fire, Be Blessed🔥
Thank You.