HAPPY 11/11


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Enlight134Happy 11/11 to You,

This number has been the Source of much use and speculation over millennia.

Religions have looked at it, Mystics have worked with it, Alchemists, Rosicrucians, Zoroaster, King Solomon, Theresa of Avila etc…have all spoken of it.

11 is considered to be the first Master Number. A very powerful tool to work with when You are facing Your opportunity for a level up. You know You are in an increase with this energy when You notice it or come across it in daily life- when You glance at the clock at 11:11 or 2:22 or 3:33 etc… When You notice the number in Your odometer or other places that You have not usually witnessed before.

It is 1, doubled. The number One is whole, holy, the acceptance of the All There Is. When We allow Ourselves to see Ourselves in totality as everything, We stop judging anything else as separate. In this state of being, You are in Divine Union within. That is powerful, as union holds no resistance. In this space, You are connected to Your own inner Miraculous.

The extremely secretive Alchemists, who wrote most of their works in coded language using astrology, astronomy, chemistry and natural laws to conceal their wisdom for only those who sacrificed much and worked hard for its understanding, have used the number 11 to denote Self Mastery and the ability to execute the ‘Master Work’. This ability, to take a base metal like lead and turn it into gold, symbolizes Our own abilities to take whatever We have believed Ourselves to be in the past and realize Ourselves even greater in Our presence.

Today, know that You are ready for a serious level up.

Today, is the day that You can choose different and beyond- the conversations and beliefs of lack and ‘not good enough’ can be outgrown.

Today, is a mark in the space/time continuum, that offers You a moment to realize that You are made for so much more than You have been living. Way more than.

Choose Love, and be powerful in Your choice.

Choose Kind, and watch as Your compassion grows.

Choose Faith, and see how quickly those unseen doors open.

Choose Service, and help an Other to see their own Divinity.

Happy 11/11 @ 11:11, EveryOne…

Stand in Your Power and remember Your ability to rise…

You can, You do, You are.

Will it to be so and so be to, it will.

Sow Fire, Happy Miraculous Realizations🔥

~ Tia

To Honour This Magycal Day Of Days:

I would like to offer a special for my ‘One on One’ singular sessions, to which the regular rate is $150 for one hour.

Today only- order and pay for a ‘One on One’ between the times of 11:11am and 11:11pm- and the price offered is $111.

This is one more way for me to say ‘thank You’ for choosing to work with me at these changing times and turning points in Your lives. It is my honour to walk with You and show You how to navigate the flow to create from here. Again, I thank You.

Happy 11/11 @ 11:11 to You All🔥




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~ Full Moon In Taurus ~

She speaks words that are holy.
Holy words being sacred words.
This is the time for prayer, revelation and blessing.
These words.

They are pronounced, soft and powerful, the sounds familiar, formed by lips from a spirit that has withstood and overcome countless challenge, turmoil, and catalytic influence:

‘Hózhóogo naasháa doo
Shitsijí’ hózhóogo naasháa doo…’
‘In beauty I walk,
With beauty before me I walk…’

~ The Taurean Full Moon invites Us to take a moment to give thanks and be grateful for the lessons and knowledge realized. The articulation of Our self expression is important at this time, as We give rituál to what is ready to be honoured and laid to rest so that new creation, new form, new reflections can be made manifest.

This is a time for reverence.

What do You choose, now, to outgrow and grow from?

Turning to the 7 directions (above, below and center point included), She takes a small pinch of the ‘tah’dadeen’ from Her deerskin pouch carried daily on Her person.
Sprinkling a bit over Her head for holy thoughts, upon Her tongue for holy words and over Her feet towards the direction in front of Her for holy steps, the sacred is spoken with focused intentions and are carried to the place where the miraculous is born.

Tah’dadeen, which is Her sacrament of corn pollen, is harvested at peak time from the corn tassels, with special songs sung during its gathering in honour of the stories of Changing Woman and Her two (s)hero children, Monster-Slayer and Born-From-Water.

~ The power of this Lunar Taurean time is about the ceremony of honouring- feeding Ourselves nourishment for mind, body and soul. What has been depraved by Our distractions now is ready to be looked at and tended to as necessary and required.
You deserve to grow- as it is happening right now.
Be kind with Yourself- no matter what shows up for the silence, the introspection and the realization.

Ask of this, ‘how is anyOne else supposed to show up as accurate reflection in honouring Me, if I am not giving it to MySelf to begin with?’.

‘T’áá altso shinaagóó hózhóogo naasháa dooHózhó náhásdlíí’…’
‘With Beauty all around me, I walk
All is in harmony again…’
And by the will of Her intent, the creative power in Her voice and Her faith in the medicine of Spirit-
Off She goes down the road to take the narrow path, the one less travelled, the one that holds the hidden secrets and treasures.

Strong, because She knows the journey will make Her to be.
Steady, because She believes in her step.
Beautiful, because She remembers Her worth…

~ May You allow Yourselves receptivity and stay open to experience life as You consciously choose to do so.

This Full Moon is made to ‘return all back into a state of harmonious flux’, to get right in conditions/reactions/perceptions, to realign so that all can be in resonance.

You are so powerful, You actually choose Your freedom.

Or not.

Your choice.


Happy Full Moon To You, Creators…

Messages In The Messenger


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NOVEMBER 18 2018 


messages in the messenger tele- course



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IMG_2772 2


IMG_3154.JPGDear Goddess-Within-Me,

I wanted to write this letter to tell You that I am beginning to remember You.

I caught sight of You the other day when I saw my reflection in the mirror.

But I have been seeing You for far longer than that for awhile. It was just that I get so caught up in the criticizing and the judging of myself that sometimes I don’t see the beauty of You.

I thought I heard You this morning, over a few lines of my favorite song.

But I have been hearing You for far longer than that for awhile, also. I know that You have been speaking, I just have had so much doubt over my own self worth that I sold myself a story that I don’t deserve to hear Your message to me.

And even now, Dear Goddess-Within-Me, I can feel You here. That is the only way I know how to describe this perception of a knowing that You are sharing in this space, my moments, with me.

But I have been feeling You for far longer than that for awhile, as well. I guess I just found it easier to deny my intuition and embrace the familiar and secure because then I don’t have to hear heart or be accountable for actions including my decisions to choose and support my own happiness.

I am sorry to have been away for so long but, You see, I had to get my training in self worth, obligation and attachment. From there, my practice brought me into duty and responsibility. Seemingly harsh lessons catalyze Our awakenings. Validation of Ourselves by the things We have and call Ourselves- denies the confirmation of the Divinity that already is, has been, and will be. Without possession, without titles, hats and roles- who am I when I stand naked under the dark sky stripped of all that is not my truth?

Goddess-Within-Me, I know that I have not always treated You by Your name. Do You forgive?

And Goddess-Within-Me, I know that in times I have not always embraced You in my world. In fact, I have even tried to deny You. May I stand with You here?

I have fed You in mouthfuls with ‘Im not good enough’ feasts, I will begin to give You healthier things to nourish from this moment on in mind, body and spirit. Do You accept?

Goddess-Within-Me, I desire to celebrate this New Moon with You-honouring the past steps taken, embracing this present Soul/Work in front of Us and manifesting the fruition of Our visions for the future.

I wish to remember all of You, to walk with all of You, and be gentle with all of You at this time.

My heartlight sun ray projections, my receptions, my communications and my passions all deserve moonlight worship, rituál, and realization.

Goddess-Within-Me, We were made to dance these songs to this rhythm. We are here to integrate dreams to Our reasoning and alchemize the etheric into form. This is the moment for change and transcendence…


Thank You.

I remember.

Pisces Full Moon


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‘The whole and holy of the Full Moon Herself dances across lapping waves creating a perpetual reflection of motion for all who dare to look, to witness. For all who revere, to know sacred. For all who deny, to remember their truth. Holy Woman stands here, arms held high as she speaks devotions to the night, the sky, and the sacred waters she worships’…

Pisces lunation holds this moment for each of Us to sit at the edge where the elements meet and gaze upon Our own reflections that look back. Holy. Do You remember that You are? When was the last time You honoured this within Yourself?

We can not change what We are unwilling to look at, including Our own perspectives. Now is the most perfect time to see Ourselves. To dive beyond the reflections of distortions and fear, to see the love within the ripples and beneath the surface itself, deeper than deep, to find Ourselves in places that We have yet to ever stand in before this moment.

‘Holy Woman closes her eyes, illuminated by moonlight, heart shining open and begins speaking her prayers. Words older than her, words older than the wind, words that were born from when the ocean was still only a river dreaming itself to be an ocean’…

When the full moon is in Pisces, it is time to remember Your magyc words, Your power spoken, intentions held for the beginning of the new cycle that is on its course right after the fish moon is over.

Words make things, may all remember that- words make things, may all honour that, words make things- may all be responsible with what is created.

‘In one breath, Holy Woman sings in her miraculous. In two breaths she awaits her moment to purify, in three breaths, she holds the last and submerges herself to be washed over, cleansed and anointed by her own choices in her own knowing.

Mother Moon shines down and welcomes the rebirth in salt waters by the reflection of herself in this form as Holy Woman.


Deep breath.

Born again, in newly realized powers of Divine, inspired.

Remember Yourselves, Holy Women’…

It is in the dark places that hidden treasure is found. It is in the dark places that We transcend from fear to love, and it is in the dark places that signal the moments just before a life changes and miracles are born from the light that embraces them no matter how fearful the scary may seem.

Honour the moments of this moon and all the realizations that come to You at this time. Sit still with Your reflections.

Allow Your own rebirthing into the greater of what You are, who You are, and the life You wish to lead…

Thy will be done and so it is, thank You🔥

Happy Full Moon, EveryOne…


~ Pisces Full Moon Rituál ~


Full moons are about the illumination of Our understandings and realizations. They show Us Our lessons to Ourselves and gift Us important opportunities to level up and outgrow old conditions.

Pisces is the third sign in the element of Water and is a culmination of all the previous eleven signs in the zodiac. Pisces signifies rituals and is the harbinger of the end of cycles.

It is good to give thanks for all of the previous steps that We have taken before this moment, to ponder experiences, energies and people chosen by Us to help reflect Our Own awaiting and unfolding lessons.

For this full moon, You will need:

• a glass of water

• sea salt

• a piece of palo santo or smudge bundle 

• a lighter

Stand under the full moon in Your sacred space (out in nature, at the water, and/or a special place that You feel good when You stand or sit there etc). Smudge Yourself. Guide the smoke all over Your body, bottom of Your feet and the top of Your head.

Mix a half a palm full of salt into Your glass of water. As You mix and stir, remember that Your body is made of the same elements. ‘When a tear drop falls into the ocean, where does the teardrop end and the ocean begin’- ponder this as it is with Ourselves and Divine. There is no separation in the bigger view. Creator resides within each creation. Sacred.

Starting with the East, face each direction with the understanding of the symbology and qualities it represents. They are as follows:

East= New beginnings and the invitation for new creations to emerge in Your world

South= The energy for the work necessary to draw that which You desire into Your reality, growth

West= Lessons necessary to adjust, shift and adapt for new and good to come. Reception to the rewards of Our good works

North= The closing down and ending of that which has been. The rest, respite and stillness of life. The pause before the jump and lift off

Facing East, give thanks for Your lessons over this past cycle. Breathe deep and speak holy words, intentions, desires, and understandings. Know peace with any thought that arises.

Take a small handful of Your water and salt mix and sprinkle a little at Your feet, at Your belly, at Your heart, Your throat, third eye, and top of head.

Do the same for Yourself as You stand in each direction turning to the South, then the West and the North.

From the North direction, kneel and give thanks for the Great Mother whose back We all walk upon. Give thanks for her sustenance and abundance. Thank You, Pachamama.

Next, stand strong and raise Your arms to the Moon, the Great Mirror who reflects the Light that is a reminder of Our own within Us. Give thanks for those reflections of Our world who always show Us where We stand and what We are choosing.

Last, place hands over heart chakra, and give thanks to Yourself, the steps chosen, the decisions You have made. All of them have been necessary for Your growth. Breathe deep in the knowing of who and what You are. A Light of the UniVerSoul Infinite Divine.

Remember and reflect upon this night, upon Yourself, be peace.

Breathe deep into Your anointing.

Be blessed, as You are and as You do.

Thank You🔥

New Moon Solar Eclipse


 ‘The Yana Puma/Black Jaguar navigates her way across starlit sky – the blanket of the cosmos wraps around her. Warm Yourself, Jaguar, and don’t judge the Path chosen. Yours or Otherwise. Concealed, stealth and focused, she has her heart set upon this Journey- as it has been, for quite some time. Dark nights are ripe for a One’s eyes to witness how the bright light permeates obscurity-

darkened spaces lit up to reveal what’s been held in gestation all this time and is now almost ready to come forth in the potentiality of form by Creation’s embrace’…

Dreamer, Wake Up.

~New Moon in Leo, with a solar eclipse upon it- calls for Us to begin the shift of Our own transformations and move up out of the monotonous, conditioned and binding. We make Our way through travels in the dark, so that the Light may be seen. Our own.

Once Your own luminescence is seen by You- no matter which direction You stand in- it is always an opportunity to illuminate Your path, no matter how shadowed the scenery may seem to be upon first inspection.

‘Yana Puma has been traveling all night- for decades,actually, and millennia before that- to make her way along a winding and spiraled path, to match up in perfect alignment’s synchronicity both fated and destined and decided upon at the most perfect of times by the Universe’s breath with both the Earth and Sun partaking with her in a most beautiful dance of celestial bodies ,boldly, on a course chosen by each, for One’…

Dreamer, Wake Up.

~The dream is now ready for fruition, and the prophecies are in place. ‘Dreamer’, I said, ‘wake up’. Prophet, You are correct in Your overstandings and revelations. You see, You interpret, You decide, and You do. The alignment is in perfection and all is right to take the steps required for Your actions in this next moment, this day, and the transcending beyond previous declarations and definitions.

Your steps have been beautiful, the experience necessary.

The time for action is now.

The moment is Yours.

‘And so the People watch as the Yana Puma as she approaches the Sun. Papa Inti has sustained Us for as long as We have been formed.

The People give offerings for his dutiful position as Beneficial All Father. ‘Thank You’. Despachos and sacrifice, rituál and prayer. Even Papa Inti, in all of his solar glory, must still allow his own Self to be consumed on occasion, as the bridge and doorway through which change ,in huge scale, walks its way through. Connection. Remembering. Power. Divine’….

Dreamer, Wake Up.

~ This New Moon in Leo plus the Solar Eclipse reminds Us to pause at that void in the moment between the blink of Our eyes, a flash of intuitive vision, and the point of emergence from which We create at will; manifest as desired, all the whilst fueling the creative forces by remembering the Truth of the love that You are.

Love really does make miracles, when allowed to inspire those who hear its call. Hear the call? Heed Your call, Dreamer. Take action, Leo- You are no longer the sheep You once believed Yourself to be.

The time is now. We live in ‘united states’ for a reason— think about the name and remember from there. Which is here. The messages are everywhere.

‘Dreamer, Wake Up’…

Be Blessed Because You Are The Blessing, Dreamer…

Thank You.


~~~~~Rituál for New Moon~~~~~


The ritual I offer at this time is this-

Make Your own Rituál.

I can offer this:

Go out in nature.

See Yourself in all that is around You.

Breathe deep.

Watch the eclipse (precautions and safety are Yours to educate Yourself with).

Breathe deep again.

Remember the energies that are reflective at this time.

Remember Yourself.

Breathe deep again.

Focus intention on what You desire to bring in Your world.

Stay receptive.

Give thanks.

Thank You



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The wind howls like a wolf pack,

steady on the trail of pursuit cutting through trees and mountains-over, under and through, the wild spirit opens eyes, eager to feed itself.

*Aquarius Moon awakens the inner-querent within each of Us, beckoning all seekers to go deeper in the explorations of what sustains. What discovers Your depths but Your very own inquiry. What masters them is how honest You choose to be with Yourself about Your revelations.

Clouds gather in the skies, darkened, heavy and holding waters drunk from long sojourns over oceans, seas and far reaching realms created from the magyc of moontime illuminations. Storms bring change. Change is here.

*Aquarius Moon brings the Lightning medicine. Lightening- quick, sudden, can burn entire forests- all in the name of rejuvenence. This full moon is the beginning of a re-Birth. Allow what needs to burn, its burning…

As the wind brings the clouds and the clouds echo the thunder, carry the lightning, and the rains fall- the land is replenished and washed anew. Purified. What was hidden or covered is now open, raw and exposed- readied for new life, growth and discovery. Ourselves.

*Aquarius Moon is the Messenger, the Bringer, the Explorer who has never been here before.

The change that happens in Our worlds are meant to come for Our very own expansions. Allow, as the storm is inevitable. Trust that the sun will follow, as it always has, every time We have faced Our dark. Sanctity.

The rebel of Our fears is the revolutionary of Our hearts.

Be The Change, You Are Already.

Happy Full Moon, EveryOne🔥




Full moons are about illuminations of the aspects of Us that are no longer serving to Us or the love that We are.

Aquarius is the sign of change on a global scale. In the Leo sun month of August, during this full moon of Aquarius with an eclipse to amplify the energy, We embody the power of the Sun, the Moon, and Uranus which is the Light within Us seated at Our heart chakra and solar plexus (Sun), Our abilities to be receptive and alchemizing to Ourselves and Our worlds both within and without (Moon), and the power of super deep transformations of change and expansion creating huge impact on every aspect We focus Our will and fire towards (Uranus).

This is a time that, if You have never participated in a lunar rituál before, it’s the one that is most auspicious to get started with.




– two sheets of paper

– one pen with blue ink

– a smudge bundle or stick of palo santo

– fire source

– water



Preferably amongst trees or an open space, an hour before sunset. You will want time to sit and feel the space around You, to be with Yourself, to breathe and ponder

The Action:

Just before the sun sets in the evening, stand outside under the sky, and give thanks to what changes and what cycles have occurred and still do. It is through Our cycles do We realize Our abilities to make change and where We can implement them.

Ponder this-

‘Do You ever think the moon worries that the sun will show up in the morning- or the sun gets scared that the moon won’t be there that night’? Tap into Your own trust and faith in Your own aspects of life to trust that the step You are encouraged by Your heart to take is the right one. Faithfully follow through on Your step and see what reflections are returned as blessing.

~ Light Your article that You will use to smudge and burn. Blow deep into the sage or the palo and make sure that Your whole body receives the smoke, lift up Your hair and make sure You get the back of Your neck. Go to the bottom of each foot, each palm, belly, Your heart, top of Your head. Blow on the smudge and take the smoke into Your mouth. This is purification of body, mind and even words. Give Your ‘thank You’s’

~ Next, write down on Your paper with Your blue ink pen, all the positive visions that You hold for Yourself, what You desire to be in this world, Your legacy, the qualities to walk with that feel good to You. Take a deep breath and upon exhale- write down the positive vision that You hold for Your Families and Tribes

~ Take a moment to reflect on these ‘wants’, remember please, only focus upon the wants, not the ‘Dont wants’, We want to give the Universe clear vision of what We desire here

~ Now, smudge the piece of paper all over. Fold it over a few times (although I am sure some fire signs will make origamis😉) and place it in Your right pocket (this is the active/masculine side of the body)

~ After that, write on the second sheet of paper anything that You can see currently that holds You back in Your world. This will ultimately be qualities of Yourself- as nothing holds Us back but Our stories We authorize in Our own belief systems.

I.e~ it’s not that woman at work that keeps You from promotion- it’s Your own ‘not believeing in Yourself’ to be worthy of the position.

It’s not ‘all my bills’ that keep Your bank account numbers low, it’s Your ‘thoughts of lack’ that continue to be a cycle awaiting You to breakout from these old conditions.

It’s not that person who ‘broke my heart’ so many ages ago that keeps You from partaking in fulfilling relationships, it’s Your own ‘old perspectives of they hurt me and I’ll never know love again’ that hold You there.

~ Take this second sheet of paper, ponder each line, then spit on it, wad it up, all the whilst holding the thought in Your mind ‘I am finished with this old, as I call in the new. Thank You for new changes, new me, new world. Gratitude’.

~ As You blow Your breath onto the balled up second sheet, light Your fire and let it burn, allowing the old it’s ending and the new it’s beginning

~ Give thanks and proceed to carry the folded first sheet of paper on Your person for the next two weeks, and place it under Your pillow at night as You sleep

~ Welcome the change that appears, in order to shift and bring You into Your next level  up- catalyzed🔥



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Wake Up

Rise Up

Light Up The World…

Part 1 – They Dream

‘Shhh’, says the Sun, just before the light breaks. ‘The Children still dream of in-between spaces and question their own authorities to create their own destinies. Be easy today, I have seen changes happening- one particularly as to when I look down on the Mother in the mornings, how many eyes of the Children are beginning to look back at me’.

*The Power of the Leonine energies are calling to Us now, reminding Us that it is this premier moment to wake and stretch and move. ‘Create’ is the word of the day. Get going now on Your plans and implementings. Jump. You are ready. The time is ripe for manifestation. Eyes open.

Wake up?


Part 2- They Grow

The Children stand to meet their Father, the Sun, on this morning as the sunrays and sunbeams warm everything they touch and give life to another day. Everywhere the light shines, things grow. The Magyc of life. And so the Children play on the back of their Mother and sing songs to their Father. Creation makes from what it is. Love.

* Solar/Lunar Leo medicine asks Us to look at where We place Our focus. You are responsible for what You grow. So much creative power within Us, is ready to be used for the greater versions of ‘Us’, ready to be moulded, made and breathed upon for sacred life and living.

Rise Up?


Part 3- They Illuminate

Sun smiles as the Children grow. Mother watches as they take their journeys, fall and stumble at times, shed a tear, get back up, and remember to land on their feet as they rejoice in who and where they come from. The more they allow their heart’s creations, the more the places where they walk, light up. And so the whole world is illuminated by the love realized and revered. Allow Yourselves the courage, Children, to witness the potentials of Your very own power to create.

*The Lionvibe of Liontribe is inspiring each of Us in this moment to allow all that has sat in its own whispers in the dark to dissipate as the light burns away untruths and not reals, the falsities of fear that We have far outgrown.

Wherever You stand, is where the brilliance reveals itself.

Lighten Up?


May Your Family Be A Happy One🔥


IMG_1312 4


New Moons hold the energies of beginnings, actions, and making things happen.

Leo is the 2nd sign of the Fire element in the zodiac and ruled by the sun. This new moon is about, literally, the intensity of the sun shining up the dark and reflective moon position.

For this rituál, You will need Yourself, an open space-preferably where the land meets the water (a lake, the ocean, a river etc..) and all the courage and honesty that You can muster, which is quite a measure when You begin to accept truly, how powerful Your creative ability is.

Optional is to bring a Friend or Friends (Lions roam in prides and Leos love a good party) to help encourage One an Other.

The intention of this ritual is to utilize Your ability to call things into manifestation (Leo is the sign of children and creativity) via the power of Your voice and heart’s focus.

Write down 5 things You wish to bring into the experience of Your life. General is fine, but detailed will show You what You can really do.

For example, instead of ‘I want to travel’- why not try ‘I want to go to South Africa/visit London town/see New York’?

You are making this. I am not asking You to believe, I am only asking You to stay receptive to having the experience. Your belief will grow naturally, as You see how Your desires begin to manifest.

~Write down Your desires under the new moon.

~Make Your pilgrimage to where the land and waters meet. Bring Your friends who, hopefully, have their own 5 item listings.

~Smudge Yourself with palo santo/ sage/ mt tobacco or anything else that You feel comfortable using. Intentional smudging clears out negative energies and makes way for the good to come through. A blank canvas to create from, so to speak.

~Say Your holy words, invocations, or prayers to create the space for making things happen.

~Facing the water, go over each item desired, one at a time- close Your eyes and call it out.

Speak these things with the passion of Your desires. Whatever the thing is, what it looks like, what it feels like, what it smells like- go into as much sensory and descriptive overload as You can. Make a story from it, allow Yourself to feel what You feel in reaction to the thing desired- this is important. Leo rules the heart- allow heart open and free as You direct this concentrated focus to Your manifestation list.

*Only Speak What You Want- VERY IMPORTANT- do NOT get caught up talking about the things that You do NOT want.

Focus only on the wants.

~When You have spoken all that You have- after each item- give Your ‘thank You’ as if You have just received the desire already.

‘Thank You for ___’

‘I am so very grateful for ____’…

~Throw Your head back, and allow the Lion within You, a roar.

Yes, a roar.

Oh, We have no problem roaring on a thing when We are in a fear state or upset. We have no trouble biting heads off when We are angry- but to roar a thing into manifestation? To roar using the power of good intention?


Lions don’t just roar their threats and warnings. They also use their roars to call the kids home, to call the Family to eat and when they play.

Allow that intention to permeate Your new moon rituál.

Speak Your desires aloud and proud.

Give thanks.

And use the roar to call said desires to You and into Your world.

~Afterwards, anoint Your head and heart with the water You stand at (water conducts) and encourage Your mind and those of Your lion pride to stay open and receptive to the things that You have called to You.

Happy Manifesting and New Moon, EveryOne.

Be Blessed and Sow Fire🔥