This New Year Is Happening…As Are New Opportunities To Learn, Expand and Remember…
To be a Walker, is to step upon Our journey in the knowledge and awareness that We create from wherever We are, no matter what the terrain may look like.

To be a Walker, is to remember that from Our presence, We may alchemize any situation to serve love, to be love.

This is where miracles come from.
From utilizing the creative potentials of the FireWalk, to the manifestations of the EarthWalk, the emotional explorations of WaterWalk- We grow. This readies Us for a new element to walk in. To see, witness and create from.
The next Walker apprenticeship is its own medicine. 

SkyWalking is about:
~learning to rise above earthbound conditioning by freeing Ourselves from Our own self imposed bindings.

~The ability to flow and create in quick and sudden change by developing Our abilities to stand in the thick of it and alchemize the outside by working from within via facing fears and the transmutation of lost causes and impossibilities.

~ Lightning medicine and miracle making created by the power of intention, words, and methods of energy work used by the medicine clan of the Laiqa of Peru.
These group apprenticeships are for those who are ready to level up in their training. 

This is not for the faint of heart. 

Bi-weekly one on one calls, group calls and group classes.

Excercises for both body and mind.

Rituál and connection.
SkyWalk is for those who wish to go further, deeper and within. Those who are called in their hearts to be a part of this. 

This is the knowledge and magyc that my Teacher, Patrick Collard, taught, shared and inspired in me- being passed along to You in layers and levels. It is serious work and greatly rewarding. 
It Is Work. 


You Deserve And Yes, You Are Worth It To Walk In Your Power.

To begin,

I ask that You message me and let me know why You feel drawn to partake. What is Your reason for showing up here? I will hold vision and conversation for each Querant/Potential Initiate and choose all parties by January 23rd.
It will be an honour to work in this space with those who show up and are chosen. 

Thank You.

If there are questions, please feel free to contact Izadora or Myself- here for it and happy to answer. 
Siembra Fuego🔥


img_7555And So It Begins…

Happy SoulStice EveryOne…

Winter is upon Us.

The ascent of Katabasis is beginning this day, in this moment. We have been in Our own perceived Underworlds since the Autumn Equinox. Going down into Katabasis is about seeing Ourselves, coming out of Katabasis is about applying the lessons We have learned from that time looking at Ourselves.


And now,
We begin to climb out of the caves
We have descended several months previous.

It is time.

The awakening. Yours. 

Open Your eyes. You have been here all along.

All You have is NOW. What do You wish to do with this moment?

All that surrounds You in this life, is a culmination of Your thoughts, Your words and Your actions. You are creating in each moment.
Even now. 

All that has happened has been necessary to bring You to this place. Each step, each choice, each decision has occurred to bring You to love. Closer to love. The realization of love- within Yourselves,
within Your world.
Your life changes when You do.

 This Is Beautiful.



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Artemis runs deep into burrowed woods, but it is no longer for the thrill of the chase. The Wild within her has far outgrown the surface thrills, the insatiable ‘mores’…always heart longs for depth not number. What have You outgrown?

She runs for sustenance, to nourish and nurture.
To feed her Soul, not her fixations. To feed her Spirit, not distractions.

She can no longer seek, because what was sought is seen. It is only a matter of accepting. Whether the journey took one step or a thousand miles- We are still right here. How long will You run in circles until You have enough, grab an end and begin to move upwards in a spiral?
She can no longer pretend that what she knows, she doesn’t, because once a One has seen, a One can not unsee…She must overstand that to look up is to look in, to look down is to look through and in the lands before Awareness, most nothing is as it seems.

This New Moon is a Moon for the dispelling of illusion, the burning of foundations, the visions for Greater and the ability to manifest at will…
Like Artemis, We all are accompanied by hounds on this journey, which symbolize loyalty, foremost to Ourselves. Without intention and will, Our first step is never taken. Trust that Your arrow will follow Your aim.
Like Artemis, We all carry a bow and full quiver at this time, allowing Us to draw back, and release- cease to overthink and analyze, feel more and pay attention to intuition, honestly listening rather than ‘trying to hear’.
Like Artemis, sometimes We must turn into Bears in order to face Our biggest fears and challenges. That is ok. Our feelings are real, and We can not run from them or Ourselves. The sooner We face what We must, We make a realization…
We don’t get to grow if We don’t test Ourselves.
We don’t get to see what We are made of if We don’t allow Ourselves to fall.
We don’t get to see what’s over the edge if We don’t push beyond the fringe.
This New Moon is made for action, it is made for realization, and it is made for You to remember- You are made of the Divine flame, it burns there within You.
You are made to allow Your old conditions and programs to burn away in the Light of the Truth.
Remember Love.
To Love.
You Love.
Deserve To Love.
Deserve To Be Loved.

Speak Your Desires Under A New Moon Sky and Stay Receptive and Grateful and Humble…
Then, Watch The Magyc…

Sow Fire, Be Blessed🔥
Thank You.



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The Greatest Awakening From Our Deepest Dreams…


Seer’s seeing witness Siren’s singing,

And all the Great Lies We’ve ever sold Ourselves.

Told Ourselves, Grow Ourselves…

Souls selling sing-along blue light specials- how do You appreciate it when You are given it for free?

Half off, no- 80% with the red tag/ look for that red sticker, if only You dove into the value of Your self worth with self inquiry as aggressively as You did for the discounts- red sticker, red pill, red feather- You don’t need it to fly…

You already can.
A Full Moon for Hathor— love, live, levitate. 5 sensate realities beckon pleasure pursuits- to cycle is Your choice, it feels good? Where? Yes, I asked where. Intention? Heart tells You when it resonates. Heart tells You when it feels right. 

Taurus, worships Venus, reverence and faith- where do You place Your faith?
None of Us are faithless.

No One is faithless.

Not One of Us is faithless.
Faith is what brings about the ‘bring abouts’- what do You bring about in Your world?

Where is Your faith?

Where do You place Your faith?

Spirit? Love? Church? 

Is it a structure? Built upon? Is it under Your feet? Is it in the embrace of the trees? You come from the earth- made of salt and water and star stuffs that bring planets and galaxies into existence- You are made to be worshipped within to worship without- Om, Atman, Laiqa, Illumined…Let the moon show what is illusory and let the moon show what is Truth…

Full Moon revelations will tell where You have been, where You are, and light the path of where You go. 

Let old conditions burn in the night of the Sun’s Day, and reBirth in the Truth of the Heart on Moon’s Day…awake.

Deep sleep no more- There is work to do and dreams to manifest.

Wake Up.

Allow Others the room to grow.

Allow Your own light to shine.

Allow Your step to be fearless.

Allow Love.

You Are…
Happy FULL SuperMoon…
Sow Fire🔥

Be Blessed.

New Moon in Scorpio 

New Moon in Scorpio…

Cold shivers?

Something moving in the shadows?

Big and scaries creeping around the deepest crevasses of the corners of Our minds?

Only if You allow and make it so.

You have a choice this New Moon today- fear Your monsters or face them.

We create from where We are (here) and We create from the perceptions We choose. We can only make from what We are. And or believe Ourselves to be.

Ultimately, that’s love. 

Even Our big and scaries.

When this is unknown, it is like being given a magyc wand with no formal training in how it is used. You point and who knows what is going to begin flying around or manifest from other dimensions.
When it IS known, then it is realized You have the key to the kingdom, and You can make a thing amazingly beautiful and miraculous via intention and will. Do You know what You are? Where You come from? What is?


This New Moon in Scorpio offers Us that magyc wand and the ability to learn to use it via heart interactions. Back-from-the-dead, Lazarus-like miracle receptions to those open to receiving, what was long thought lost- opportunities for resurgence. 

It grants Us the power of hope and the ability to demonstrate said power in the names of Holy, Divine, and Sacred.

To You, these days, what is Holy, Divine and Sacred?

From this, You will create…so it’s good to inquire, so You know what You are or have been working with. Scorpio New Moon will grant Us the opportunities to look in the mirror (Our waking life) and see what We have held in sacred spaces.

Who are You when no One is watching?

What actions do You take when You feel You won’t be seen? How do You choose to treat Others when there is no Other to observe? 

Scorpio New Moon lifts the veils and toils through the bullshit in order to ‘get real’ with Ourselves. To show Us where We have been, where We are currently and to shine a Light on where We are going-and growing.



Scorpio is the sign of life and death. And……………


New Moons are harbingers for new turns, new opportunities, new chances choices and steps…Change. Scorpio thrives in change and growth. The time is now and You are here. 

Be Here Now.

Let Us take a look at Ourselves this day and see the decisions We have made and are making. Our direction. Our aim.

With whatever We are currently involving Ourselves in, with Whoever, and in what capacity- does it serve love? Does it serve the highest visions of Ourselves? Versions?

If the answer, from Our Heart, is ‘yes’ then keep going. If it is ‘no’, then take a moment to hear the guidance of what said Heart is encouraging…

You are walking, this New Moon, with the power of life, death and rebirth- do with it what You will. I encourage You to lead it with love.

And as for that magyc wand of Yours- like Dumbo’s magyc red feather- You never needed it to begin with- it was only a tool to bring You to the space of believing in Yourself…

I Believe In You.
Sow Fire.
Be Well.

Full Moon In Aries…


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*deep breath…Inspired receptions…
Big power to be felt in a Ram moon.



Stick and moves and parry ripostes feel necessary when We perceive battle- what You battle You become, Nietzsche called it.

Watch out for excuses- ‘to free from blame’. Not a blame thing, it is Your lesson.


More than one all leading to One.


Aries was a hotheaded son of Zeus- and also, even he had to get the ice water thrown on his head on more than one occasion, no matter his feelings of entitlement.

Lessons- catch ’em so You can grow. Apply them to expand. Golden equation for golden opportunity. Share space with those who support Your happiness and heart followings.

Be vulnerable.

Allow hands to help You, that are not connected to Your wrists.

Trust Your heart, then…

Your heart will tell You who can be trusted…

Jason did not discover the Golden Fleece until he allowed help from his Argonauts, and opened his heart to Medea, who loved him, even though she his enemy’s daughter.
Reversions come on easy, when We talk Ourselves into fear and when We try to turn Our heads from the mirror in attempts to deny Our reflections. Our reflections are everywhere, even when We close Our eyes/shut tight.

There is no try. You either do or don’t. Watch that ego- she’ll talk to You from inspired fears whilst speaking love words – actions reveal the honesty in the typing. Actions reveal the honesty in the sentiment. Actions reveal the honesty of how much courage a One chooses to take in their steps…

How have Your steps in courageous been?

That being said…

With a turn of the page , blue smoke exhale and a smile on my face…
This is a full moon for new steps, new turns, and choices to sit closer to the fire. Honour.

Be honourable to Your hearts.

Sacrificial fires can be allowance of what is unfolding- what do You create? 

Agni and Hestia hold space for all to grow- this is why 8 of the 10 in the Vedas begin by praising his name alone…and why she is honoured by the first fire lit inside the hearth of the home. Who do You invite into sacred temples and holy spaces?

Your light is priceless, share it with like worth…
Thoughts, concepts and ideas are the ignition of Divine spark- the fire within You. Ignite.

You= Divine.

It’s true.


One spark to create a flame.

Just one is needed.



Could be.


Not the One?

Again. Choice.

Fires grow.


Burn tears, burn troubles, burn untruth conditionings that have held You down too long. 

Make Your decisions then take action. 

From the heart, in the heart, of the heart.

It’s time, now.

Now is all You’ve got.

That’s true, as well.
Another truth?…

The two-step Nataraja is the holy dance of the Shiva within Us all, involving both feet- intention and action- 

Two feet (left/right) two steps (intention /action)- 

A One says, ‘ but there is no sound, no rhythm, I don’t know where to step or how ‘….

An Other replies, ‘shhh, easy Friend, the music is heard when You take the first step. You create the movement, sound comes from that, the sound then reflects and is heard by You. The song does not lead You, You lead the song’…
Choose Love.

Aries Doesn’t Run.

Aries Jumps Into The Flame.


Happy Full Moon, EveryOne.



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Happy Full Moon in Pisces/Lunar Eclipse….
Fish tails can send Us in all directions amidst stormy confusions and second guessing Our own intuition/lighthouse in the dark because We are perceiving that ‘overwhelming’ feeling as in ‘this ALL feels so overwhelming’ *gasp gasp…

Relax, Fishies…

You have gills for a reason.

You really can breathe under emotional waters…and You really will make it out of this in a good way…

️️Full Moon Eclipse, intensifies all (no, for real- ALL) emotions- from perception to reaction. Be aware of Other’s reactions at this time, take NO ONE personal, including You. It’s an intense one. Be grateful. You are feeling because You are alive. And life is a gift. Breathe on that.
Ponder this visage (warning- You are now journeying into my head),  imagine if men began menstrual cycles right along with women, and all of a sudden the entire world began their lunar cleansing on the exact same time and day- what’s that look like?

Now, look at all that has been happening around You and the energies of the last 2 weeks…


Tell me where I’m wrong.

Remember above, when I encouraged You to breathe? Here’s that friendly reminder again…


You’re here.

It’s good to be here.

Now… Let’s get to know Chiron who is also fish tailing in this moment and allowing Us to remember Ourselves, even the parts seemingly scary.
The wounded healer is not so wounded for me in my perceptions.

Chiron, is actually the perfect embodiment for all of Us at this time…he is with his pain, and for here, it feels as if it is the pain of the entire world. 

What We are witnessing in this fateful dance of the Moon and the Centaur is a time for all of Us to truly witness Ourselves in all that We have been, are and will be. The obscured big secret locked away with a skeleton key that hangs around the monster’s neck is still an aspect of You… As are, all the other stories We have written about Our traumas and atrocities and life’s biggest tests…. As are, ALL of Our stories…aspects of Us. Reflections of memories of who We have been, what We have done, what has been done to Us, where We stand, and realizing that what We realize, We become…remember love.

To pull back scar tissue can be painful in moments- but once it is done, You may then clean the underlying infection that has been seething for quite some time. And after that, with a bit of care, You will no longer experience the chronic pain once endured…

You are not made to suffer.

We are not made to live in pain, though many, upon a daily, endure much excrutiation.

Wouldn’t You rather clean out what festers for a moment , than live in the suffering? Is suffering truly living?
Do You remember that You are worth it to enjoy life? Live from love? Hear Your heart?

Let the emotionally charged energies at this time, which also are the harbinger for cleansing, purification and renewal wash over Your psyche, Your body, and the etheric realms that connect You to the entire Universe- truly Ourselves. This time is giving Us the opportunity to rinse all the residual debris of Our fears manifest, the crackly old masks We once wore, and the BS actions and excuses that only Our Best Friends have the courage to call Us on.. *Thanks, BestFriend…

It’s time.

Love fearless. 

And enjoy knowing that You are a child of the Universe and only good can come from what is unfolding…
Take a long hot bath infused with Your favorite crystals as the tub is filling…

Sit back and remember all the good that has come from every choice You have ever taken – remember each of those steps, brought You to here/hear….
And breathe…

You have gills for a reason, Fishies…

Happy Full Moon, EveryOne…



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Aquarian FullMoonTime Survival Guide

What happens when the Sign of Aquarius- that being the sign of serious turning points, crossroads and lightning change falls under Full Moon influentials of amplification and magnification?
A whole lot of _____ (feel free to fill this space in with whatever adjectives and phrases You care to use at this time. Might I offer: ‘ What is happening?!?’ ‘What JUST Happened?!?’ And a personal favorite: ‘Johnny,WTF!?!’____…whatever You just filled into that space, please also feel free to add as many !!!!!!!!!!!’s as You like to convey the shifting that is happening at this time.
It’s Shift.
A Big One.

Just relax. I know, I hear You- ‘ Tia! Relax!?!?!!! THIS THAT IS HAPPENING!?!? I can’t relax!!!’ …
Look, this shift is happening for a reason, and here We are experiencing, so, however You want to handle it, I’m good with it.
Here’s where I’m at.
We’re in it. Now, what do We want to do with it- We can panic or We can chill. In my own personal experience, I find it’s way more efficient to be cool. Just sayin’.
Still, it’s Our choice to choose. And We have right now, so what do You decide?
You know You are worth this change that is happening, right?
It can only get better from here.🙏🔥

During this time of Re-Aligning (yes, that’s what it is), here are a few gentle encouragements and suggestions for not only surviving through this Full Moon, but also THRIVING in it…
Remember, You are here for a reason. Right here. Right now. And it’s Your choice that will influence what shows up next along the path…
Choose fear, and fear will greet You around the turn.
Choose love, and love will be reflected.

~Stay Cool. In most all survival situations, You are reminded of this in the rules. Panicking does nothing but to bring more panic. The more You panic, the ‘seemingly’ worse it gets, right? Science has proven that to panic, also diminishes oxygenation to the brain, cutting down on Our ability to think, reason, and act. In other words: Panic, like fluoride and worry, dumb Us down. What does that serve?

~Remember to take no One personal. So, the MOST emotionally challenged sign in the zodiac is under the planetary position of the MOST emotionally charged planet in Our solar system (‘planet’ used in context, as the moon is considered a governing celestial body in astrology)- people are explosive right now. Reactions are occurring and it’s okay. Things can get a little hairy, and also Our perceptions create Our realities. It’s like We are aliens in human bodies, just arrived to this planet, and the Mothership did not brief Us properly about the experience of emotions. This is only going to feel like this for a few days, and soon Pisces will be on the scene and We will flow a bit more evenly…

~Hear Heart. Aquarius is about change on global scales. Aquarius is about Tribe. Family. If You are following Your heart, then the outcome can only be good for the group. Following hearts, inspires Others to follow theirs- when enough hearts are being heard, beautiful things happen. Let ’em.

Be Well.
Sow Fire.
Be Blessed.



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….Headspace and HeartLight, let the Sun stop and gaze on You for a moment. That Sun is Your own reflection, cause You got it like that…when Your own shine’s allowed- You affect crops, oceans, and celestial bodies, that’s sustenance, emotion, and the heavens themselves. Paradise or purgatory in an instant. Burn it all. Rejuvenance. Shine as You like as Light as You like, Soul can’t die- so what were You saying You were afraid of?  How powerful You are, and how beautiful this is. Live.

Nothing to confine but Your own beLIEf in fear, none which is true. Vanquish the stories of dissonance and how long have You been eating from the complacency plates at the dinner table because all of Your friends are doing it? Perceptions will bind or liberate, the choice is Yours…closer. With what is truly Yours, what can be truly lost? How long have We been afraid to ‘lose’ and made excuses for the denial of Our Divine? How many times have We promised Ourselves that We will hear Our hearts the next time We find Ourselves, here? And the next time We found Ourselves here, We stopped hearing and ran to the nearest familiar comfort because that is what We have always done…That Sun that emanates from Your heart, says, ‘No More. You have outgrown the condition that catalyzed You to outgrow the condition that catalyzed You to outgrow the condition that catalyzed You’..We cannot run from OurSelves and with all this Heart, why would We want to? Hear me, ‘You are beautiful and You are making this happen…keep going, keep seeing, and no You’re not crazy. There is work to do’.

Listen closely, but don’t listen too hard or those whispers in the silence carrying Soul’s secret stirrings, may go unheard. You deserve to be heard. We deserve to be heard. So hear it. Draw Star cards from Tarot decks and let Love grow, Lovers connect…Love can only say ‘YES’, do You know Your way to ‘The Way’? Paths illuminate when Your step is Light. Stand easy, even when the ground shifts, bend Your knees and sway hips made for creating, alchemy is asking You to dance…

Full Blue Moon….

….The Centaur says , ‘can’t stop me. Im half-horse, have You seen these legs? Not once but twice I will grace You and allow the opportunity of what was once thought to be missed, a chance. I breathe life into what’s been considered to be gone. I resurrect, I emancipate, I see and I serve. Didn’t You listen? I said, You can’t stop me.’  We see Divine to free Our minds, We all already are, it’s only a matter to accept. What’s that? You can’t bring Yourself to know such a thing? How is that, when You have already convinced Yourself at some point along the traveling that You shouldn’t, couldn’t, or weren’t enough- that is why You are here in this space now.  There is great power in numbers-the more the merrier. Practice Your elk medicine and drum with those of Kindred connection. Celebrate in the knowing that what You desire is waiting for You to call it from Your Being right now in this very moment. Priceless.

This is the time for revelation and realization.


…..Talking bout a revolution.

Burning, Yes, Further, and Bless🔥….

Sow Your Fire 


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fire palm

🔥🔥🔥⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️🐾🐾🐾🐾FULL MOON IN SAG🐾🐾🐾⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️🔥🔥🔥…
Artemis raises her bow tonight and lights fires in the hearts of those considering themselves something other than the truth of themselves, like ‘not enough’.

It’s been dark, and We’v been scared in Our perceptions of separation and now in wholeness We can witness what is Holy. Ourselves.

Shiva carries Fire in the palm of his hands, blue smoke realizations, alchemical transmutations reveal secrets that We have known so long ago, and hid in the obscurities of the shadows of Our mind, asleep to be woken when We are realized to wake. It is time. Wake-up. It’s been awhile. This is the moment to see with Our hearts.

Damballah gives over the scales on his skin, sacrifice for Us to receive the miracle of the stars in the sky. What have You offered? What I gift unto Others, I receive for Myself-this allows the flow of Providence to always be at hand. We may only give of what We are-that’s Love. Fiery, hope filled shimmers urge Us to expand, contemplate, realize and elevate. Elevate elevate elevate. Higher. Further. More. When in doubt, look up, which is in, and behold what is there which is beyond.

Oya-Iyansan moves through cemetery and marketplace owning each step. Own Your steps. Death can not take You. Walk with compassion, humility, and Your Spirit’s Fire. Let Them see the power in Your eyes and hearts. Take great strides in the strength of Your thighs and remember Your responsibility to the journey. On the way past the Temples, gift Legba an offering as he hides in rags on the street, testing Your ability to no longer judge. He makes ways where no ways were seen-

‘Papa Legba, ouvrez un barriere pour Mòn passé. Merci, Papa❤️’
This is the Gift of the Full Moon tonight…Burn it, see and set Your hearts on Fire, go within, give offering, receive what You gave, and move mountains….

This is a night to live Your passion, fulfill Your dream, and blaze SoulFilled Illuminations burning worlds and re-Birthing the Universe… Bless Us All One.

Sow Your Fire and Live Forever🔥🐾🐾