La Mariposa Alchemica Retreat


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La Mariposa Alchemica Retreat 2018-12LA MARIPOSA ALCHEMICA / BUTTERFLY ALCHEMY

She finds the ground to be comforting and familiar so close to Her belly. A solid thing to be walked upon by many feet, steady and steadily, She faithfully traverses Her path-
until one day a thought comes to Her, “what if I am made to fly?”.’

Have You Ever:

• felt the need to take time for Yourself, to nurture and wander deeper into hidden spaces awaiting Your very own treasures of Self-discovery?

• found Yourself wondering why the cycles are still showing up, why the old patterns are still so prevalent, why You can not seem to shake old belief systems that serve nothing good in Your world?

• heard the call but did not heed it, all whilst telling Yourself that You ‘weren’t ready/the timing was not right/or that it would have to be after other previous binding conditions were met’?

Did the call still happen?

‘And so She begins feeding Her body, She knows She will need the extra energy for the processes necessary for Her specific transformation- this is how change happens,
We listen for the guidance of the next step…’

Perhaps now is the moment that You decide to say ‘Yes’ to Your heart, hopes and dreams.

Perhaps now is the time to take the step in a new direction.

Perhaps now is the most perfect point to allow Yourself the flow of what is and what will be.

By understanding the process of transformation from the Caterpillar into Chrysalis to its eventual emergence as the Butterfly, You will gain the tools to recognize Your own personal life’s alchemy and ‘Great Work’ to be made.


For Lodging…
* A relaxing stay in a warm and inviting boutique adobe lodge, The Chipeta Solar Springs Resort, named after the powerful wife of the locally famous Ute Chief, Ouray. The resort is nestled in amongst the majestic San Juan Mountains, where amazing sunsets and the mystical wild spirit of nature still incite heartfelt inspirations.

For Body…
* Throughout Your stay, You will dine on heart inspired meals from world-cuisine menus prepared by holistic nutritionists that are both delicious and nourishing.
Whilst the caterpillar begins to feed itself for its upcoming journey into its chrysalis stage, attend a class with Grace McGuire from to understand that the ritual of preparing and indulging in comfort foods can be good for You- mind, body, and spirit.

* The movement ritual of Qoya is offered to allow energetic flow from one step into the next, and to invite new manifestations in upon Your journey.
Julie Maree at will gently instruct You in several of these sessions over the days of Your retreat, to help bring in a new awareness of Your very own grace and power.

For Mind…
* live satsangs in the Great Kiva (a puebloan sacred meeting room where holy teachings are gifted) with Tia LaVoie of, where understanding, expansion and growth are gifts to be discovered. Here is where the understanding of the Butterfly Way will be shared with You, each day: the life lived with Our bellies close to the ground until the ‘Calling’ to go deeper’, the ritual of going into the dark in order to see clearly and have Our ‘Great Dreaming’, and the emergence of coming into the light by the butterfly realizations known as the ‘Sacred Rising’.

* With the understanding that without intention, Our creative power is unfocused- We can understand in a deeper meaning, what the chrysalis stage is all about. As the caterpillar physically breaks down into its own creative awakening, allow Izadora with to guide You in mapping out Your intentions and dreams for Your next step towards emergence- ‘the unfolding into the light’.

For Spirit…
* Fire Ceremonies, at night, to assist in the turning and change that comes with each new step taken on the journey and the empowerment to apply the wisdom of the cycles into the every day experience of life for transformation and expansion.

* to cultivate and reconnect on and in deeper levels both within and without while remembering to trust Our hearts. By tapping into Our own inner courage to take actions in spaces that help lead Us to manifesting the lives that We desire to create, We realize that when We go deeper within, We expand without.

For You…
By contemplating the steps of the Butterfly, We can apply the wisdom to Our own lives to overcome old belief patterns and to create the life desired and deserved.
The Alchemy of the Butterfly is waiting to honour Your steps on the journey as well as reflect and embrace Your own personal inner-transformation at La Mariposa Alchemica Retreat.
The teachings of the ‘Alchemy of the Butterfly’ are ready to be experienced by You…
It is time to remember Your wings and rise.
Thank You.


$2300 OR EARLY BIRD $2000 BY 2/15/2018



✭✭✭ Happy Sagittarius New Moon ✭✭✭



Dear You,

Well, here We are two weeks since the last Full Moon. Are You ready now for me to greet You as ‘Dear Beautiful You’, again?

I know that the full moon that occurred was a bit of a challenge- but even the beauty of challenges is that they make way for catalyzations.

The change is amongst Us. This is undeniable.

Where are You now, Dear Beautiful You? Where do You stand from two weeks ago?

Here? Or holding to the past?

Here? Or anxious over the future potentials?

Here? Please note that there is reason to my continual asking of ‘here?’. Ps- sometimes We call them ‘hints’.

There is change happening at this end of the year cycle, Dear Beautiful You.

New Moon, Winter SoulStice, Holy Days and New Years.

Change is inevitable. We are always in a state of change, even when the ego is screaming it’s declarations of stasis and stuck, bound, and ‘can’t do anything until…’

I will say it again, change is inevitable. We are always in a state of change, even when the aspects within Us that hold the power of familiarity and obligation are attempting to wave their wands of discord and cast spells over Us of doubt, second guesses, and confinement.

Here is a secret, Dear Beautiful You- change is inevitable, and what a beautiful gift to be able to create within these changing spaces.

I could tell You how Mercury (the planet of communication and introspection) is soon righting itself and what that means is that Our levels of Self Awareness increase in challenging lessons and quantum leaps of realizations.

I could tell You that Saturn (planet of boundary and conditioning) is changing signs and is now making big waves on its own as well as sharing a cosmic dance with Uranus (planet of lightning-fast and potent change). In the energy of what is created in that rhythm, is a sway. Hear Your own truths about the conversations Your heart speaks. Hear Your own intuition, the voice of Your heart- as it tells You gently ‘Yes You Can’ to every ego flare-up of ‘no you can’t’.

I could tell You some things here, Dear Beautiful You.

I could tell You how the New Moon in Sagittarius (sign of abundance and bountiful prosperities) is playing harbinger for the culmination of Your lessons over this past year. Your desires. Your deeds. And Your manifestations. And also, how Winter SoulStice is the beginning of Our wake-up into Spring. Our ascent out of Katabasis. Literally, walking up out of Our self created UnderWorlds where We have been sitting and (hopefully) looking at Our own reflections for the past 3 months.

I could tell You that where You were 3 years ago and where You were 9 years ago are now playing out and coming to the end of their cycles. You, are now finishing up the lessons from those times. Good job at Your good works. Give Yourself credit for Your pushing-through, Your faith and Your ability to remember that the truth is love.

I could tell You, but would You hear it? Did You hear it? Do You hear it?

As said, Dear Beautiful You- change is inevitable. It is all a matter of what You wish to create from it.

It is time, You are here, the change is now…

I will say this:

You are the most perfect One to take on the experience called ‘Your Life’. To experience, to learn, to remember, and to create.

You are the best One for making each decision that You have made, are making, and will make. Your spirit is infinite and You are wise, trust in the timelessness of the knowing of Your heart.

Have faith in Your ability to intend, perceive, respond and receive- this is the power of the magyc of creation. Yours.

You Are Your Own Creator. Creating Your Own Creations.

Choose Wisely, Your Potentials And Focus.

Choose Love, Which Is Choosing Your Heart And The Realization Of Your Light.




Yours Faithfully…


Your Heart


Enlight142Dear You,

Happy Super Full Moon in Gemini…

I said ‘Dear You’ as I am momentarily omitting the ‘beautiful’ as in ‘Dear Beautiful You’-because right now not all of Us feel beautiful here in this moment and at this time, and just to keep Your ego from excluding You from this Full Moon offering – I prefer to cover as many aspects of ‘You’ as I am inspired to with the writing of this letter…

I want to thank the You that has taken the moment to read this…

And I want to thank the You that has decided to do things different for Your life in this moment.

I’d like to thank the You who embraces the truth revealed on these full moon nights.

And the You who dissipates the illusions of Your fears.

I thank the You who has allowed herself the tears.

I thank the You who cries louder to be heard.

The You who has learned to laugh at the world’s reflection so that her soul can shine brighter.

I thank the You with stretch marks and battlescars, war stories and peace tales- what stories do You write in this most important time of decisioning? What is seen is what is embraced as this reality- it is not a matter of fear or faith- it is a matter of where that faith is directed…

I thank the You who has listened to her ego long enough to say ‘enough!’.

The You who ran from herself in order to realize the lesson that she can’t hide her shine.

The You who is courageous.

The You who grows.

The You who realizes.

The You who is addicted or has been- to the drugs, the drink, him, and the conversations of ‘not good enough’.

The You who sees the beauty in the ugly, and the perfection in the unfolding.

The You who helps Others to see Themselves, even when You have attempted to refuse Your own reflection.

The You who sees this world is a mirror.

The You who creates.

The You who makes.

Thank You to the You who is the song being sung by the Soul of the Universe- UniVerseSoul…on pitch, on point, every note sounded and every dance ever inspired by Your decision to be vulnerable.

Thank You to the You for Your Nataraja, thank You to the You for Your enduring ability to get back up even when You fell.

Perhaps fail and fell are simply cousins with different accents- perhaps failure was once a warning sign to let Us know when We are falling- and then the message proceeds to give encouragement for Us to get back up, or remember Our wings, or remember We can fly and remember Ourselves and the stories that inspired Our coming to begin with…

Thank You to the You who remembers.

The You who sees herself.

Handles herself.

Hugs herself.

Thank You to the You who is gentle.

The You who is loud.

The You who learned to swallow secrets.

And the You who found her voice.

The You who growled when threatened and humbled herself into power when she realized there was no threat to begin with.

Thank You to the You who protected. And who didn’t.

The You who wasn’t there.

Thank You to the vigilant You.

The hungry You.

The wild You.

The You they attempted to tame- control, conform or shame?

Thank You to the You who went through the sad to see Your compassion, and the You who went through the pressure to create the diamond.

Thank You to the ‘Little Girl’ You…

The ‘Wise GrandMother’ You…

The Warrior You…

The frigid You.

The impassioned You.

The You that is the tarot card of ‘Temperance’.

‘Hanged Man’s’ card You, Heirophant You, Suit Of Cups You.

Queen of hearts You, now, off with Your head You.

Thank You to the You who has been ridiculous, angry, rejected and resentful.

Thank You to the You who has enjoyed in joy, who still rides Unicorns, and saves the day just before the last condition on the witch’s curse comes to fruition.

Thank You to the You who has read this.

The You who will partake in ritual tonight.

The You who prays.

The You who nurtures.

The You who begins her new journey, with an intention and some hummingbird medicine.

Thank You to the You who puts her head down and pushes through.

The You who learns the lesson and applies.

The You who created this.

The You who seeks.

The You who finds.

The You who knocks.

The You who walks in.

Keys are made to open doors.

Thank You to the key that is You.

The You who remembers the Universe resides within her.

The You who accepts that choosing peace is freedom.

The You who knows that she is free, already.

The You who knows You.

And thank You to infinite You.

All of You.

The truth of You.


Happy Full Moon.

Your truth lived, is what frees You from the fear bindings.

It is time to walk powerfully, You.

Thank You.

I love You,

~ The I That Is You




——— Gratitude Special ———

To say thank You, and to honour these days of grateful and giving-

Today and Tomorrow Only as a BeLoveSeeLove SuperSpecial –

Single Sessions: $111

Session Bundles:

3/ $300

5/ $500

10/ $1000

*You deserve to walk empowered 

*Christmas is just around the corner and sessions can be gifted to Others

*Thank You for being the blessing that You are to this World🔥

Happy ThanksGiving



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‘NeverWas’ was never happy…

‘NeverWas’ was never alright…

‘NeverWas’ was never good enough…

She would tell herself, ‘this time’…


She would try…

She would attempt…

But no matter how many times she ever put one foot in front of the other, ‘NeverWas’ never could, and ‘NeverWas’ never did…

‘NeverWas’ had a hard job, to push the Moon across the sky…

The giant mirror for the Earth and the reflection for all who gazed upon her.

To turn her and spin her, and watch her as she danced- ‘NeverWas’, every night, was disappointed by herself as she could never move the Moon right…

You see, every night, the Moon looked different- sometimes a little brighter and sometimes quite dark. Sometimes more round, sometimes less so.

‘NeverWas’ blamed herself that the Moon always looked so different.

‘NeverWas’ always expected for the stars to yell at her or the sky to scold her for doing such a horrible job.

But no One ever did.

Oh well, probably because she was ‘NeverWas’ and ‘NeverWas’ wasn’t very important. That’s it. No One cared enough to be upset, they all already expected her to not be good at whatever she did, she was, after all, ’NeverWas’.

How could this not be her fault? Of course it was, she was ‘NeverWas’ and ‘NeverWas’ was never good enough, didn’t We establish that in the beginning?

And so on one night, a dark night, with the Moon especially shaded…

a bright red star named Antares decided to speak to ‘NeverWas’ as she passed by his view.

He had watched her for awhile and had grown fond of the dance as she came by with the Moon.

“Hello, there”, he said, feeling a little nervous over first words, but hearts can help Us do things that We never believed We could muster.

‘NeverWas’ didn’t notice, as she was not used to anyOne speaking to her directly.

“Ahhh, excuse me, I just wanted to tell You what a beautiful job You do, guiding the Moon around the Earth each day”, said the red star called Antares.

‘NeverWas’ looked over and noticed that he was watching her- ,”are You speaking to me? Beautiful job? Me? What?’”…

Immediately she felt ashamed at assuming he was talking to her, immediately she found herself creating the story as to why no One would ever want to speak to her.

And immediately a red star called Antares took another step in love.

“‘NeverWas’, every night, You take one step upon the next, important steps. Brave steps. You bring the dark and the Moon to allow time for Earth’s creatures to rest and regenerate whilst they sleep. That takes faith, and dedication and strength. Every night. Thank You, ‘NeverWas, for all that You do.”…

‘NeverWas’ had to blink a few times to keep the tears back. No One had ever spoken to her that way, and certainly never told her those magyc words of ‘thank You’. No One had ever reminded her of her power or told her how important she was

This interaction awoke a thing inside of ‘NeverWas’. A seed. Illuminated and glowing. A bright light type of seed, that only emerges after a One remembers that the truth is way more powerful than any story.


And such it was that the dark was made brighter that night, when a red star named Antares reminded a ‘NeverWas’ that she actually was ‘Even Greater Than She Had Ever Realized’…

And the entire Universe was changed, for all the better to be…


This Scorpio New Moon invites Us all to remember that We are so much more than what We have chosen to believe.

So much bigger than We ever gave Ourselves credit for.

It is time to go deeper and within. Time for spontaneous revelations and understandings.

Dissolve the process and trust what You know- in this now moment of the here in present states of Awareness, You can point and aim and receive what You have been building for since 8 months ago.

Be blessed because You are, be love because it is what You are made of.

Burn bright, the moment for choice is upon Us🔥

HAPPY 11/11


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Enlight134Happy 11/11 to You,

This number has been the Source of much use and speculation over millennia.

Religions have looked at it, Mystics have worked with it, Alchemists, Rosicrucians, Zoroaster, King Solomon, Theresa of Avila etc…have all spoken of it.

11 is considered to be the first Master Number. A very powerful tool to work with when You are facing Your opportunity for a level up. You know You are in an increase with this energy when You notice it or come across it in daily life- when You glance at the clock at 11:11 or 2:22 or 3:33 etc… When You notice the number in Your odometer or other places that You have not usually witnessed before.

It is 1, doubled. The number One is whole, holy, the acceptance of the All There Is. When We allow Ourselves to see Ourselves in totality as everything, We stop judging anything else as separate. In this state of being, You are in Divine Union within. That is powerful, as union holds no resistance. In this space, You are connected to Your own inner Miraculous.

The extremely secretive Alchemists, who wrote most of their works in coded language using astrology, astronomy, chemistry and natural laws to conceal their wisdom for only those who sacrificed much and worked hard for its understanding, have used the number 11 to denote Self Mastery and the ability to execute the ‘Master Work’. This ability, to take a base metal like lead and turn it into gold, symbolizes Our own abilities to take whatever We have believed Ourselves to be in the past and realize Ourselves even greater in Our presence.

Today, know that You are ready for a serious level up.

Today, is the day that You can choose different and beyond- the conversations and beliefs of lack and ‘not good enough’ can be outgrown.

Today, is a mark in the space/time continuum, that offers You a moment to realize that You are made for so much more than You have been living. Way more than.

Choose Love, and be powerful in Your choice.

Choose Kind, and watch as Your compassion grows.

Choose Faith, and see how quickly those unseen doors open.

Choose Service, and help an Other to see their own Divinity.

Happy 11/11 @ 11:11, EveryOne…

Stand in Your Power and remember Your ability to rise…

You can, You do, You are.

Will it to be so and so be to, it will.

Sow Fire, Happy Miraculous Realizations🔥

~ Tia

To Honour This Magycal Day Of Days:

I would like to offer a special for my ‘One on One’ singular sessions, to which the regular rate is $150 for one hour.

Today only- order and pay for a ‘One on One’ between the times of 11:11am and 11:11pm- and the price offered is $111.

This is one more way for me to say ‘thank You’ for choosing to work with me at these changing times and turning points in Your lives. It is my honour to walk with You and show You how to navigate the flow to create from here. Again, I thank You.

Happy 11/11 @ 11:11 to You All🔥



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~ Full Moon In Taurus ~

She speaks words that are holy.
Holy words being sacred words.
This is the time for prayer, revelation and blessing.
These words.

They are pronounced, soft and powerful, the sounds familiar, formed by lips from a spirit that has withstood and overcome countless challenge, turmoil, and catalytic influence:

‘Hózhóogo naasháa doo
Shitsijí’ hózhóogo naasháa doo…’
‘In beauty I walk,
With beauty before me I walk…’

~ The Taurean Full Moon invites Us to take a moment to give thanks and be grateful for the lessons and knowledge realized. The articulation of Our self expression is important at this time, as We give rituál to what is ready to be honoured and laid to rest so that new creation, new form, new reflections can be made manifest.

This is a time for reverence.

What do You choose, now, to outgrow and grow from?

Turning to the 7 directions (above, below and center point included), She takes a small pinch of the ‘tah’dadeen’ from Her deerskin pouch carried daily on Her person.
Sprinkling a bit over Her head for holy thoughts, upon Her tongue for holy words and over Her feet towards the direction in front of Her for holy steps, the sacred is spoken with focused intentions and are carried to the place where the miraculous is born.

Tah’dadeen, which is Her sacrament of corn pollen, is harvested at peak time from the corn tassels, with special songs sung during its gathering in honour of the stories of Changing Woman and Her two (s)hero children, Monster-Slayer and Born-From-Water.

~ The power of this Lunar Taurean time is about the ceremony of honouring- feeding Ourselves nourishment for mind, body and soul. What has been depraved by Our distractions now is ready to be looked at and tended to as necessary and required.
You deserve to grow- as it is happening right now.
Be kind with Yourself- no matter what shows up for the silence, the introspection and the realization.

Ask of this, ‘how is anyOne else supposed to show up as accurate reflection in honouring Me, if I am not giving it to MySelf to begin with?’.

‘T’áá altso shinaagóó hózhóogo naasháa dooHózhó náhásdlíí’…’
‘With Beauty all around me, I walk
All is in harmony again…’
And by the will of Her intent, the creative power in Her voice and Her faith in the medicine of Spirit-
Off She goes down the road to take the narrow path, the one less travelled, the one that holds the hidden secrets and treasures.

Strong, because She knows the journey will make Her to be.
Steady, because She believes in her step.
Beautiful, because She remembers Her worth…

~ May You allow Yourselves receptivity and stay open to experience life as You consciously choose to do so.

This Full Moon is made to ‘return all back into a state of harmonious flux’, to get right in conditions/reactions/perceptions, to realign so that all can be in resonance.

You are so powerful, You actually choose Your freedom.

Or not.

Your choice.


Happy Full Moon To You, Creators…

Messages In The Messenger


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NOVEMBER 18 2018 


messages in the messenger tele- course







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