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  1. klm060109 says:

    Im excited to be apart of “Be Love See Love” and I look forward to a lifetime of friendships! Blessings to all and a special Happy Birthday to my precious newly 3 year old daughter Makyra! She was born today 10/08/09 at 11:02 p.m. @ 8lbs 3oz and 20in long.. ❤


  2. klm060109 says:

    I am happy to say I am happy to give! You have given so much….. Im excited to see more Love and Friendships..


  3. This “donation” is in thanks for helping my Aries. I don’t know how much time or effort you have spent, but what you have done so far is more precious to me than you can possibly know.

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  4. Laura Edwards says:

    This donation is not as big as my gratitude for the time in New Orleans, I know I grew leaps and bounds beyond my greatest expectations. I am looking forward to more great adventures and jumping down more rabbit holes with you in the future.

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