1rst Annual TEC Tribe Gathering Summer SoulStice Weekend

Sometimes in Life… Connections are remembered and the Stars align.And in those times, You find YourSelf standing with Kindred, Sharing amazing views with even more amazing company by fires We didn’t know could be made… Sometimes in Life… We allow OurSelves to venture outside of the norm- When this happens,We take a breath, share aContinue reading “1rst Annual TEC Tribe Gathering Summer SoulStice Weekend”

La Mariposa Alchemica Retreat

LA MARIPOSA ALCHEMICA / BUTTERFLY ALCHEMY She finds the ground to be comforting and familiar so close to Her belly. A solid thing to be walked upon by many feet, steady and steadily, She faithfully traverses Her path- until one day a thought comes to Her, “what if I am made to fly?”.’ Have YouContinue reading “La Mariposa Alchemica Retreat”


  ‘NeverWas’ was never happy… ‘NeverWas’ was never alright… ‘NeverWas’ was never good enough… She would tell herself, ‘this time’… Sure. She would try… She would attempt… But no matter how many times she ever put one foot in front of the other, ‘NeverWas’ never could, and ‘NeverWas’ never did… ‘NeverWas’ had a hard job,Continue reading “HAPPY SCORPIO NEW MOON…”