“Alignments, Intuition, and The Art of Reflection” ~ Interview with Kole Whitty on Warrior Women With A Purpose Podcast

Thank You ‘Warrior Women With A Purpose’, Thank You, Kole, for all that You do,And Thank You, Tia, for teaching as many as You can in how to help ThemSelves… https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ep207-alignments-intuition-art-reflection-tia-lavoie/id1234340783?i=1000441326354

Happy SoulStice…

Brightest-day soulshines… Doors open opportunities to dog days from dog stars… Serious. *smiles Take them. Time to: Walk through and allow. The confirmations of Others’ affords You the good news of Your own harvests.. The projections of Others’ affords You the good news of Your own growth. Hospitable by nature affirms the adage of eat,Continue reading “Happy SoulStice…”

Full Moon In Sagittarius

I stand next to Broken-Hand, a Friend that I have known for years who is also a revered Paiute Medicine Man. I am trembling from the energy of expectancy and anticipating the outcome of this twilight time. This moment. By a hollowed space along the San Miguel River, elevated and embraced by the San JuanContinue reading “Full Moon In Sagittarius”


Let Your Light Shine

                                                                                      I AM Love Photography “Whatever is stored in Darkness becomes distorted.  Awareness,Continue reading “Let Your Light Shine”

Gods of War

  “The danger of utilizing the power of a deity to justify war is that whatsoever and whosoever the Other side may be, are doing the exact same thing with their almighty and all powerful deity.  When war is a ‘war of God’ and of absolute truths, there is no breathing room for mercy”… IContinue reading “Gods of War”