We Remain

Demori- I Remain. Then. Battle scars and battle cries. Sharp blades and pierced flesh. Angry eyes and hatred wreak violence upon the peaceful. Cathars forced upon knee, singing their faith of love to the promise of persecution,slow torment and the eventual journey into the Afterlife.. Demori- I Remain. Now. Challenging pregnancy, sexual abuse, and whoContinue reading “We Remain”


    I find it interesting that what is judged upon me as ‘New Age’ spirituality, is actually ‘Old Wisdom’ knowledge…- older than Your pharmaceuticals -older than Your doctor -older than Your conditional belief systems that deny You Your ability to witness miracles… WE ARE ALL MADE MIRACULOUS. Since One can only make from what TheyContinue reading “WE ARE ALL MADE MIRACULOUS”

Super NewMoon in the Sign of the Fish…

     Super NewMoon in the Sign of the Fish…*deep breath Solar ‘Clipse in Our night…*go deeper What does any of this have to do with You? Absolutely EveryThing. Pisces is the last sign of the cycle…end cycles bring full circle lessons embracing Us with ‘ah-ha’ moments and ‘I cant believe Iv never seen it likeContinue reading “Super NewMoon in the Sign of the Fish…”


   PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT FOR YOUR REALIZATIONS****      In perfect timing and right alignment-  We are all ascending Our Katabasis right now.  One month left upon the underworld journey, of course there will be a push for all of Your lessons coming out of the dark. See Yourself. That being said, please remember toContinue reading “PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT FOR YOUR REALIZATIONS****”


   Today I am formally announcing… THE NEXT APPRENTICESHIP IN THE WALKER SERIES… *WATERWALK… ~ Realize Your ability to make miracles ~ Learn to accept the Truth of who You are ~Remember and witness the power of Your focus and intention Where FireWalk brought the flame and EarthWalk brought the proof, WaterWalk will go deeperContinue reading “THE NEXT APPRENTICESHIP IN THE WALKER SERIES…”

Beautiful New Year

   In this beautiful New Year, with people speaking their intentions of what they desire within Themselves and without, may I just give a very gentle reminder to the energies that abound… When doing this Soul work/GoodWorks/Love works please know that it is Our egos that seek to compare and project those comparisons. Comparison validatesContinue reading “Beautiful New Year”


    You know how I feel about politics and You know how I feel about anything ‘against’ anything else. Without speaking on race relations (We all bleed and breathe the same) as well as the current experience in Oregon, again, just another (quite friendly) gentle reminder— THE WAY THE FEW CONTROL THE MANY IS BYContinue reading “THE WAY THE FEW CONTROL THE MANY IS BY DIVIDE AND CONQUER…”

 Why am I here? What is my purpose? Why me? 

     ***A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT FOR YOUR LIFE….     Thank You for taking a moment to read this<3 May this help shed some light on what has been obscured. It is time.  ‘ Why am I here? What is my purpose? Why me? Why did that ever have to happen to me/them/Us? What did IContinue reading ” Why am I here? What is my purpose? Why me? “


I DARE YOU… I dare You for this one day to sit back and cease to judge Yourself, anything and anyone else for the entirety of a 24hr period. Judging is one the big flow-stifflers and will clog up the natural progression of beautiful things happening for Us in Our worlds. ‘Judging/giving Our strongly heldContinue reading “I DARE YOU…”

For Granny

  My Great GrandMother’s name is Lilly Mae. This is for You,Granny.❤ May this day be magycal for each and every One of You. May You realize Your own Divinity and allow nothing but love to be the manifestation of Your waking moments. May You remember what You deserve and may You remember Your compassionContinue reading “For Granny”