1rst Annual TEC Tribe Gathering Summer SoulStice Weekend

Sometimes in Life… Connections are remembered and the Stars align.And in those times, You find YourSelf standing with Kindred, Sharing amazing views with even more amazing company by fires We didn’t know could be made… Sometimes in Life… We allow OurSelves to venture outside of the norm- When this happens,We take a breath, share aContinue reading “1rst Annual TEC Tribe Gathering Summer SoulStice Weekend”

Happy New Moon

Conditions build towers up high in the sky… Fear are the bricks. Emotions as mortar. We make it real when We bring the blueprints. Nothing inside other than the stories that have been written. We give it a new coat of paint by Our ‘not-good-enoughs’, And then We decorate it with the confirmations of OurContinue reading “Happy New Moon”


ScaredScarredAndSacred sat in front of the mirror one day and took a good long look at Herself. ‘Where did those come from? Has that always been there? When did that turn grey? Where was I when these were growing?’ And so the story goes, as she poked and prodded, pinched and pined- reminding her egoContinue reading “HAPPY VIRGO FULL MOON”