a moment in my head…

a moment in my head… Last few days of the zodiacal year. Equinox sunrays already peering from around corners. Corners are just lines-formed shapes from perceptions, what other lines in my world are shaped from perceptions..and whose? Cycles, circles, cycles, circles when inspired by awareness turn snakes swallowing tails into spirals within spirals expanding outContinue reading “a moment in my head…”


How To Make Fire….

How To Make Fire…. Fire is a necessity. We need fire to cook, to see in the dark, to destroy, and to create. It cleanses, cauterizes and purifies. Can You make Fire? 1) Hold the desire to do so….whether You are cold, wet and in the jungle, or out in public and some ‘ish isContinue reading “How To Make Fire….”

Nothing can fail but Your idea of it…

Nothing can fail but Your idea of it… Ponder that a moment. Failure is only a perception, and perceptions are Our choices in how We choose to see anything. Our choice. Look at anything in Your world that is going on…now, go deeper (engage Eagle medicine to fly higher and see further), and see thatContinue reading “Nothing can fail but Your idea of it…”


FORMULA FOR MIRACLE MAKERS (Share with anyone You so desire)….. Thank You for this day…I am grateful. If We believe in curses, then We see curses. If We see curses then We speak curses, if We speak curses then We put out the vibration of curses. WHAT YOU PUT OUT WILL RETURN TO YOU. ThisContinue reading “FORMULA FOR MIRACLE MAKERS”

Happy Holy Days<3

 Kindred, Friends, Tribe, WyldWomyn, and Walkers…Happy Holy Days to You All<3  I am hoping that this message reaches each of You in the best of health and spirits. What an amazingly beautiful time this is in each of Our lives right now. Perhaps take a moment and breathe that in, and remember the blessings thatContinue reading “Happy Holy Days<3”

Your heart will show You the Way <3

The more We allow OurSelves to see w/ Our hearts, The more Our hearts will allow Us to see OurSelves… What scares You are only aspects of You that You have yet to become acquainted with. What You fear are only aspects of what You have yet to understand. People fear what They don’t know,Continue reading “Your heart will show You the Way <3”

Start from here. Bless<3

First steps can only be taken from exactly where You are. Which is here. And only can be here. You can never take a step from anyplace but here. So, where do I begin? From the only place You can…Right here, right now…Bless♥


‘NO ACT OF KINDNESS,NO MATTER HOW SMALL IS EVER WASTED’~Aesop I came across this quote today and felt a gentle urging to share with the rest of You. Oftentimes in Our lives in the monotony of daily happenings, We are witnesses to the manifestations of the fear-choices decided by Others. Gossip, anguish, shame, greed andContinue reading “‘NO ACT OF KINDNESS, NO MATTER HOW SMALL IS EVER WASTED’”

Happy Soulstice, New Moon & Upcoming Events

I am hoping that this message finds each of You in the best of health, wealth and Spirit. Happy Soulstice and New Moon, Happy beautiful day for being here and breathing in this amazingness of opportunity to Create as You so deserve and desire. This time of the year is all about reflection and reception.Continue reading “Happy Soulstice, New Moon & Upcoming Events”