Are You Looking To Be Supported In The Coming Of This Brand New Year?

9 Day/2020 KickStart: Dec 28th- Jan 5th Have You Been Looking For Something To Begin This New Decade Off On The Right Foot? Activated,  Motivated, And Aligned For Your Desired Outcomes. 9 Days To Move Into 2020- Ready, Awakened and Activated… You are encouraged to partake here if You are looking to: •Be Supported •StayContinue reading “Are You Looking To Be Supported In The Coming Of This Brand New Year?”


ScaredScarredAndSacred sat in front of the mirror one day and took a good long look at Herself. ‘Where did those come from? Has that always been there? When did that turn grey? Where was I when these were growing?’ And so the story goes, as she poked and prodded, pinched and pined- reminding her egoContinue reading “HAPPY VIRGO FULL MOON”

The Journey Begins

A woman on a journey is standing at her run-of-the-mill-free breakfast bar in her run-of-the-mill hotel in Anytown,USA. Whilst waiting for the breakfast waffle maker to buzz its ready, she  barely listens to the monotonous drone of this presidential candidate and that presidential candidate and as this analyst and that expert discuss who is betterContinue reading “The Journey Begins”