Sun In Virgo

   You really can have what You want. You really can manifest, at will.    You really are this powerful.    Now, is the time to remember.    If You have been feeling a change in the energy around You over the last few days, then consider Yourself attuned to the energies of the Universe.Continue reading “Sun In Virgo”

Guatemala ReBirth Journey

October 21-29 2019  This October, You are invited to join Us in the jungles of Guatemala, for a truly transformative experience of Self-realization, awakening, and expansion across all aspects of Your life ✧ Explore, Align And Activate At The Sacred Temples Of Tikal ✧ 3-Day Energy Intensive Class At Ancient Mayan Ruins ✧ ReBirth RitualContinue reading “Guatemala ReBirth Journey”

‘I Mean Really, How Is Your Heart’


The Outside Reflects the Inside. I have been witnessing this Universal Alchemical Truth on a daily basis lately. Experiences that are occurring in Your waking life are reflections coming from within You. You are the Source that is reflected in Your world. Your experiences that happen in Your life are simply the reflections of theContinue reading “Reflections…”