New Moon In Aries…

For the New Moon in Aries Write-Up this month, the Writer would like to thank the Coronavirus for such an incredible opportunity to breathe into Our hopes, dreams and aspirations that We have been putting off for far too long- Thank You. Did You know that You are writing the story, in this very moment?Continue reading “New Moon In Aries…”

Pisces Full Moon

  ‘The whole and holy of the Full Moon Herself dances across lapping waves creating a perpetual reflection of motion for all who dare to look, to witness. For all who revere, to know sacred. For all who deny, to remember their truth. Holy Woman stands here, arms held high as she speaks devotions toContinue reading “Pisces Full Moon”

Dear World

Dear World, My Friend, it has been awhile since We have last spoken, but I want You to know I think of You everyday.  I witness the beauty that is You in the sunrises You send, the mountains I retreat to, in the laughter of children, in the cries of the eagles, the forests IContinue reading “Dear World”