‘Life is not an act of learning, it is an act of remembering. The word ‘remember’ comes from the phrase ‘to sew back together’- and in doing this, We move from pieces to peace’.

Coming from a line of Rootsworkers and Spiritualists and formally trained by Patrick Collard himself, she has spent the last 15 years of her life helping people realize their own abilities for utilizing Creative Power. By using various modalities from the Secrets of Alchemy to Peruvian Chamanism to Native Visionquests, unseen potentials are realized and connections are made. This is where the magyc happens.

She tends to travel the unseen roads to hold gatherings and can be found in various temples, hogans and sacred sites throughout the world to conduct rituál, ceremony and for contemplation of the heart.

Thank You.


2 thoughts on “TIA”

  1. Warm blessings, sister Tia. #BeLove #SeeLove #Yes

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  2. Tia is a galactic angel… She is a gift to this world… I am SO grateful for her.

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