Under the guidance of a Wisened Grandmother, initiated onto ‘the Path’ under the tutelage of Patrick Collard, Tia has traveled extensively to gain Elders’ Wisdom from jungle to desert to highlands along her Journey. Through ritual, initiations and self inquiry, she has gained her realization and shares it with the world via Personal Sessions, Group Teachings, Apprenticeships, Ceremony, Podcasts, and the ‘Thursday Evening Call’.

She is intent on helping as many as she can to witness Their own ability to create the miraculous, by realizing Their own Divinity within. She helps assist Others in how to hear Their hearts and take action to the potential of Their own awakening and creation.

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  1. Warm blessings, sister Tia. #BeLove #SeeLove #Yes

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  2. Tia is a galactic angel… She is a gift to this world… I am SO grateful for her.

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