EagleWalk Group Apprenticeship 

3 Month Intensive…

8 Participants…

Initiation On The EagleWay Medicine Path…

•Invoke and Walk With The Transformational Power Of The Eagle As A Living Totem In Your Daily Life

•Learn The SunWay And EagleWay Ceremony Of The Diné/Navajo; To Soar Over Your Past, Stand Strong In Your Presence, And Consciously Create Your Own Future

•Connect To Your Inner-Warrior And WiseWoman And Tap Into The UniverSoul Stream Of Consciousness


•6/Video Conferences For Hands-On Lessons

•8/Group Class Calls

•8/60minute 1:1 Calls For Individual Attention

If The Power Of The Eagle Resonates For You, Please Contact Me.

This Begins In March, With February Being The Preparation Month For Initiates…

Who I invite to apply:

– Dedicated Individuals who are ready to go deeper on Thier Journeys, personal practices, and all aspects of Their lives via the Red Road initiations

– Seekers who are willing to experience a spiritual intensive, see ThemSelves, embrace Their own inner Eagle-medicine

– Initiates who hold the highest desire to do the greatest good in this world with what They will be gaining the wisdom of (what will be shared in this Walk is initiated knowledge from My own Diné/Navajo medicine path taught by Walking Thunder)

*Applicants need not have worked with Me before, but if You can answer yes to the above descriptions and this message speaks to You, then please contact Me and let’s speak.

You can partake in this Walk from any part of the world, wherever You are.

All Are Welcome To Apply…

Thank You.

Hozho Bah’nina Hozho Na’hasglee

(May All Walk In Beauty, May All Be In Harmony)

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