EnergyWorks has been developed so that rather than people fly Me out to Their place for 2 weeks to teach Them these techniques and knowledge, I can have everything on video and share with Them from wherever We are.

This is a blend of both Xi Gong energy disciplines (development and utilization of Xi energy) and the knowledge of the etheric body coming from the Pa’qo medicine lineage of Peru.

Over a span of 10 weeks: 

  -12 Live Video Classes-

  We will cover:

   ~ Cultivation of Xi energy

   ~Development of Second Awareness

   ~Chamanic Tracking 

   ~Chamanic Extraction

   ~Clearing the chakras of imbalance, sickness and disease

   ~ Development of the Rainbow Body which is what happens when all systems are in alignment and functioning with Higher Regenerative/Restorative Power 

    ~Phu’kuy Prayer for calling in the Jaguar to transform dissonant energies


  -4 1:1 60 minute Video Conferences so that I can help each Individual perfect Their form and vesseling. 

Each Individual who shows up, will also be required to bring in 1-2 people during most classes in this course so as They can have hands-on clinical lessons.

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