Before I met Tia, I knew I was meant for something, I just didn’t remember what. I knew that I was pure and clean and beautiful inside, I just didn’t remember how to access it. I knew I had so much love overflowing within me, I just didn’t remember how to share it. Tia has walked me down a path of remembrance and boundless love which has truly changed my life, and in turn has changes the lives all around me. I am forever grateful for her guidance. Bless You Tia and Thank you 🙂

~Hope, Canada

Please tell Tia she is a blessing to me, she is rich in light and love. Love and blessings

~Terri, Vancouver

Sometimes, we stand on the edge of the cliff wanting so badly to jump off and have our beautiful wings unfurl behind us, sending us soaring and dipping and feeling the exhilaration of the wind in our faces…. but there is that tiny seed of apprehension – how do we KNOW we can really fly? The only way to find out is to take a deep breath, and let go of all the things weighing you down, and take that step. So….. after 5 years of working for a job where I was systematically being set up for failure (and refusing to accommodate those doing the setting up), I finally found that courage… that place where, as Tia says, “When it hurts bad enough, you’ll make different choices.” Yesterday, I turned in my resignation. And it is amazing how free I feel, how much easier it is to take a deep breath, and how giddy with happiness I am. I think this job was the last great challenge, the last great weight holding me back….. and oh, my….. how beautiful the landscape below me is! How endless the horizon, how effortless it is to soar now that I have let go of the fear that kept me from taking that step. Thank you, Universe, and thank you kindred, for your support and your love. I am so grateful for all of you. And now, with my eagle vision, I can actually SEE the endless possibilities, not just trust that they are there. I am grateful for my wings, grateful for all that I have learned and remembered here, grateful for the sharing of experiences and wisdom, watching one after another of us step off that cliff, and finally knowing it was time for me to do it, too….. bless us all one….

~ Bruja, Colorado

I have always loved Shakespeare and as I sat to write this homage to Tia this quote was the first thing that came to mind… “To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” Each time I read Shakespeare his timeless tales change in meaning for me and different universal themes stand out. My life use to be about…”All the world is a stage.” My whole life was a performance and even my career revolved around that theme. I did not see it as ego as I did it and often I was not conscious at all of performing, but I was always TRYING to be…. “To be or not to be. That is the question.”Working with Tia in the past two years has taught me that there is no need to try. JUST BE.  As I ponder further on this quote…. “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages. At first, the infant, Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms.” I see that before I met Tia I was playing the part of some sage grown up. Now I see that I was merely in my infancy. With her I am now getting to know and releasing resistance to my true self, my whole self. I am humbled by the truth of myself and of all things as I journey with her. Before I met Tia I was suffering from disEase and full of anger and resistance and lots and lots of fear. I was trying to be love, see love, give love, make love, but all through the lens of my ego. Tia was my catalyst who lit me up so I could see myself. She put a fire under my ass when I needed it and shone bright beautiful light on parts of myself I had forgotten so I could heal. When I was deep in my ego she would quietly drop seeds of wisdom for me to pick up, plant, nourish and grow when I was ready. Tia has been my mirror to help me see that I am not alone, that we are all of it, that I am beautiful and I am more than enough. In two years with Tia I have grown more than I have in the past twenty and I was walking the path faithfully. Travelling with Tia and others to Peru last year I was granted a miracle. A disEase I had for three years is completely gone. Words can’t describe my relief, joy or my gratitude to Tia for that release. The gifts she has led me to are so much more than I have already expressed and I feel confident in continuing this love path on my own. The great part is I don’t have to. She is always there as my mentor, my friend and my family and she had attracted and created a like minded community of people all over North America. This means I have support at all times all around me from this amazing group of people who have chosen to walk in their power on the path of love. No matter how enlightened or devastated you are I highly advise you to take the leap onto the path. Just ask to talk with her. Challenge her if you must. She is true, she is powerful, she is non judgemental, she is hilarious, she wants to help, but most of all SHE IS LOVE. Thank you Tia for all you are, all you do, all you give. I am eternally grateful.

~Natalie La Osa, Canada

In 2015, I found my life to be driven by my ego, and I was incessantly in search of a thing without a clue of what that thing was. I was running circles and cycles of toxic patterns.

I prayed for the guidance of my heart. I asked for the calling of holy messengers. I wanted the truth, and I wanted it fast. I was hungry for growth. Soon after that prayer I met Tia, and things began changing in my life. I met my own resistances to the Universe’s blessings and began learning to see myself.

I met my time in which I chose to cease to resist, and decided to begin a study of this work, a study of myself. Since then I have returned within myself and many layers of illusion have and continue to melt away, as I make the choice of living in my truth. I choose to look at every now moment as an opportunity to create the life that myself and my tribe deserve. I want to take the steps to see myself to walk as the Love that I have seen that I am. My work with Tia is a blessing of remembering, and living from the Divine flow that remembers within my heart. When I take action from this sacred flow inside of me, I feel that I am tapping into my purpose for coming into form. It feels good to my soul.

Furthermore, in regards to Tia in particular, I consider her my mentor and chosen holy advisor. She is accountable, worthy of trust, patient, caring, and she chooses to put her faith in the light of every person that she works with, including myself. I opt to place my focus on the divinity with me, expanding beyond my conditions, and choosing to serve Love.

This is what this training has taught me, and the application of it is this work that I do with myself. Thank You Tia, Thank You Be Love See Love. I am honored to learn and grow amongst wise wild women. Thank You

~ Michelle, Florida

Testimonial: [Disclaimer: May contain profanity.] Before I decided to take the leap into the SkyWalk apprenticeship, I had been a church-mouse on The Thursday Evening Calls for about a year and a half. I never spoke up, because I didn’t think I had anything of value to share. I also assumed that people wouldn’t understand me or what I was trying to articulate. The very idea of speaking up made me anxious; I lacked confidence and had grown accustomed to censoring myself & remaining quiet. My self-esteem was in the gutter, my romantic relationship had just fallen apart with the man I thought I was going to marry, and I had almost no close friends to lean on. I felt powerless. Working with Tia (and Izadora, who works behind the scenes), I have learned many, many things, some of which are: distinguishing between ego and heart, the power of choice, recognizing the importance of taking accountability for my actions/reactions & not taking others personally, recognizing the importance of presence, & how freeing myself of judgements leads to the opening up of a whole new world of freedom & possibility. (Did the Disney song end up in anyone else’s head?) Through this work, not only have I found my voice again, as well as my confidence, I have expanded and grown in ways that I could not have predicted. Instead of only viewing the world with frustration, anxiety, and worry – I can see now that it’s a world full of possibilities. I’m grateful for each morning that I wake up & for each bite of food I eat. Do I still have shitty days? Yes, of course, I’m still human. What I can tell you is those days aren’t as bad as they previously were and that those days don’t last as long as they used to – I’m grateful that my recovery time has sped up exponentially using the tools I’ve been taught. With the discipline this work has afforded me, I even quit smoking – cold turkey. I’ve gained knowledge & insight. I’ve regained my confidence. I’ve gained a tribe, kindred. I’m not alone; I’m all one.” I met Tia at a time in my life where I was ready for change. That was in July 2015.  I felt truth in her words immediately, I was afraid to take that jump. It didn’t take me long, a matter of a few months to start the change process! I have made huge changes, life changes. They all came into being as soon as I let go of the fears that were holding me back. I participated in an apprenticeship with Tia where I stood up took a running start, jumped off that cliff, opened my wings and started soaring. Higher and higher I climb. I choose to be love. To share love with everyone I meet. I feed off the smiles I put on others faces. It doesn’t hurt to say kind things. I Love myself! That is what it’s all about. I choose to shine my light and share it with the universe! Bless! Thank you for the lessons!

~Stephy, Colorado

Waking up to my true potential and power has been a journey that began a long while back when Tia was working with her teacher. Back then I didn’t see myself for the miracle that I was. I had to take the steps I did back then, the steps of resistance and of fear, to be able to come full circle with Tia as MY teacher and guide. It was through our friendship that I first came to know about the work she was doing with her teacher.

Initially, I had resistance to her message and her techniques. Some of what she shared with me did stick and when these messages kept reappearing in my life in the forms of songs or books or other people, then I started to take steps to work on these aspects of self, and things in my life began to change.

Those steps began to become steps in courage and as I became more courageous, new opportunities began to arise in my life. One of those opportunities was the Thursday Evening Calls. Here I was reminded of all the things that Tia first taught me about many years before. It was these truths that allowed me to cycle back into the wavelength of other people that were doing the work and helping others to do the work.

As I listened to these other people’s progress and their stories of ego that would arise, and listen to Tia’s gentle guidance and the loving way she would respond to one’s momentary resistance or fear, did I begin to really start treating myself that way. Once that began to happen, so many paths began to open up for me. As I walked in my power, I was able to begin manifesting the things I wanted to see. It began with many small reflections of self, of where I could start inside to start seeing the results outside.

As I started seeing things manifest more and more in my world, I was offered yet another opportunity in the form of an apprenticeship with Tia. My participation in the SkyWalk apprenticeship has allowed me to move into a new level of my work with the power of heart and love. The group work was always eye-opening and growth provoking. Our sessions really became a powerful place to share and learn with like-minded womyn. Tia’s individual attention, respect, and care for each apprentice was very appreciated and highly valued. Being a fellow teacher, I cannot express my gratitude enough, and highlight the importance of individualized instruction and guidance. This is a necessary part of any work in a group setting, as we are truly unique learners.

These three months have taught me so much about the power that resides within and the power that resides in the creations around me. I have found the focus and ability to listen that was laying dormant prior to this work. This gentle shift has had major ripples in the world around me.

Thank you Tia for the opportunities you have provided. Thank you for the patience and gentle guidance you offered me, especially in those moments when ego was selling me some really beLIEvable, and painful stories. You always guided me back to the source: heart. All of this, the entire apprenticeship and the work we continue to do, is invaluable and immeasurable in my life.

~Michelle Desireé, New Mexico

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